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Easy Home Improvement Projects For A Weekend

Homeowners never have to dig deep into their pockets to improve the value of their house. They can make significant improvements on an affordable budget, it just takes a bit of skill and decision-making in deciding which projects are the most equitable to the value of the home.

Many home improvement projects have the ability to quickly update the house, and improve its style and appearance. Others can benefit the home greatly by saving money on utility bills through the conservation of energy.

Consider caulking around the doors and the windows. This home-improvement project is very inexpensive and will pay off for many years. A tiny bit of caulking can minimize the amount of water and air filtration that penetrates from outside the home. A thin bead of silicone caulking around the exterior doors and windows is all that it takes to maximize heating and cooling efficiency.

Tip: Your AC unit's filter should be kept clean. If the filter is clogged, it will make it hard for the unit to cool your home.

Finish trim work installed around the home can add greatly to its appearance. This inexpensive but elegant touch requires nothing more than a few simple tools and a bit of paint. Any existing wood molding that has years of paint layers can quickly be restored to new. Using the scraper, easily remove the many layers of dried old paint. Smooth the wood by sanding it to bring the grain out before staining or repainting.

An interior paint job on the inside of the home is a great way to add value to its equity while enhancing its appearance. Consider creating a dramatic statement by painting just a single wall a contrasting color to the other walls. A bold and vibrant color that would tend to be very overpowering if the entire room was painted in that color can make a dramatic statement on just one accented wall.

Installing a fence on the exterior of the home is a great way to add value. Consider the proper fencing material based on the outdoor environment. Humid climates tend to do well with vinyl or wrought iron, where environments that tend to stay more dry do well with cedar or redwood planking wooden fences.

Tip: When it comes to managing your home during the summer, use all of the fans that you can. Ceiling fans are great for air circulation as well, and they also cool a room.

Cleaning the exterior of the home including the patio and wooden deck is a great way to enhance the beauty of the house for very little money. In addition it helps make the home prepared for any backyard party or outdoor event. Use organic cleansers to help break down and kill mold and mildew. Use flat bladed shovels to scrape away built-up dirt and overgrown grass on the decking, sidewalks, porches, and stepping stones.

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the home can greatly enhance its appearance. Consider tackling this large job in sections. Two individuals can easily paint a front and side wall over one weekend including all the trim around the doors and windows. Over the following weekend, the two can then tackle the back and other side of the home. Consider that any large porch will take an entire weekend to prep and paint.

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