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Scotland may be known for many things, but food isn’t necessarily one of them. However, the quality of restaurants in Scotland’s capital has increased in recent years, and Edinburgh is now home to a range of food options to rival any city in the world. So if you’re more interested in Italian than Haggis or Indian than a deep-fried Mars bar, then it’s time you sampled some of Edinburgh’s culinary delights.

Perhaps the most up and coming area of Edinburgh’s cuisine scene is down in Leith. Although previously a separate city, Leith is now very much part of the Edinburgh conurbation, and has seen investment from the council to redevelop its former docks. As befits a seaside community, Leith cuisine is famous for its fish and seafood, and much of the produce here is caught fresh in the North Sea or the Firth of Forth. Leith is home to The Kitchin, a restaurant opened by appropriately-named chef, Tom Kitchin, and it was awarded a Michelin star in January 2007.

If you are a fan of Indian and subcontinent food, then Edinburgh is rich in options. From the Verandah Restaurant, which has served Cliff Richard and Clint Eastwood, to the Britannia Spice, which won the Best in Britain awards 2005, 2006 and 2007, there are plenty of restaurants in Edinburgh offering up delicious spicy dishes. The Britannia is so named as it is within a stone’s throw of the Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith, making it a great dinner spot after having toured the historic vessel. Edinburgh’s curry houses are of an excellent quality, and almost every Indian Restaurant you pass will be worth a visit, although obviously not on the same night.

Edinburgh is best known for its beautiful scenery, and some of the best restaurants in the city combine scenery with good food. The best feature of any view in Edinburgh is the castle, and the fact that it is such an imposing monument means that it can be seen throughout nearly every area of the city. In both Old Town and New Town the castle is visible from a large number of restaurants, providing a beautiful dining experience, which will automatically improve the quality of the food. If you are looking for a Castle view with your dinner, then any restaurant on George IV Bridge or on the appropriately named Castle Street will be able to help with this. If the weather is a little better, and you can sit outside, one of the many pubs on Grassmarket will be able to help. Because trains to Edinburgh are so cheap, and so frequent, you really have no excuse for not exploring this wonderful city, with all of its dining options.

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