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A variety of questions come up regarding license renewal for most professionals, including what is required in regards to continuing education. This article will address one question of the many: "What are the requirements of continuing education for my license?" This question seems basic, yet, the answer is important to know. This article will give instructions on how to locate the answer to this question, with a particular focus on those that are licensed Social Workers.


Those that have renewed their license many times will usually already have the answer to this question. The posted CE requirements tend to be the same from one renewal period to the next. However, what if the licensing board does make a change? Or, what if you are newly licensed and don't know what is required to renew your license? The answer can be tricky to locate, if you are unfamiliar with where to search. As soon as you find out where to search, keeping informed of the requirements and possible changes will be a walk in the park.


The first place you will want to go is to the official website of your governing State Board. Such as those that are licensed in Oregon as a Social Worker, you will pull up the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers official home page (located at Everything is going online. This even pertains to information provided by your state licensing board. Your board's website is full of important and viable information for you to know. Your internet browser has a bookmar feature that would be wise to use with your licensing board's website.


The next step will be to locate the link to the Board's "Rules and Regulations". This link will most likely be listed in the column on the left or right side of the home page. Clicking on the link will do one of two things, take you immediately to the rules document, or to a subpage of the website where the rules document can be accessed from there. Licensed Social Workers in Oregon will find the latter to be the case. One note, the link in this case is listed as "Laws and Rules".


Once you have found the "Rules and Regulations" document you will need to locate the section usually titled "Continuing Education Requirements" or just "Continuing Education". For Oregon, it is titled "Continuing Education Reporting Requirements". In this part of the rules document you will find the answer to the question in the beginning of this article. Even if you have renewed your license several times, you should still look up this information before each renewal just in case there have been changes. The last thing you want is to have your license lapse because of a rule change you did not know about.


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