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Finding Out What Is Inside Paramedic Bags

Paramedics are always in the scene of emergencies together with other emergency response units. Paramedics are considered as one of the saviors for people who happen to be caught in the thick of accidents and other life-threatening situations.

Paramedics are highly knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to performing proper medical procedures for the benefit of patients. Paramedics cannot save patients during emergencies without the help of their paramedic bags. This is an important tool for all emergencies where the most basic gadgets to save lives are kept.

A paramedic bag is a functionally designed bag that is used by paramedics to store important items such as basic medical supplies, medications, emergency items, and medical equipment. These bags serve as a lifeline during life threatening situations when procedures need to be done. These make them perform their life-saving mission with confidence.

People may find these paramedic bags to be very intriguing. What is inside the life-saving bags that paramedics always bring during emergencies to undertake their mission, which is to save lives? Here is a sneak peek:

1. Basic Medical Supplies – These are all items that are very essential, useful and very handy during emergencies. Medical supplies are used especially during medical procedures or just a simple assessment in relation to the patient’s medical needs. Here are some basic medical supplies needed during emergency:

• First-aid manual
• Hand sanitizer or soap
• Safety eye goggles
• Disposable gloves
• Sterile globes
• Instant cold packs
• Lubricant
• Thermometer
• Sterile gauze-pads
• Bandages
• Safety pins
• Cotton balls
• Scissors
• Disposable instant cold and warm packs
• Water proof plasters
• Alcohol
• Absorbent compress dressing
• Antiseptic wipes and solution
• Sterile saline to clean wounds
• Blanket
• Syringe

2. Medications – Medications are substances that can reduce or treat conditions or diseases in the body. These additional items are also needed during emergency. The medication that are stored inside the paramedic bag are some of the basic medicines that are common during emergency scenarios and these are the following:

• Aloe Vera gel
• Aspirin
• Non-aspirin pain relievers
• Over the counter hydrocortisone cream (1%)
• Over the counter drug oral antihistamines such Benadryl
• Calamine lotion
• Anti-allergic drug
• Medications for common conditions that include cold fever, cough, constipation, and sore throat

3. Emergency items – These items are very useful especially during retrieval operations and other invasive rescue operations that can lead to sewers, undergrounds or collapsed buildings that needed such emergency items. These items are the following:

• Flashlight and batteries
• Patient medical sheet records
• Candles and match boxes
• Emergency cell phones
• Flare gun
• Emergency contact in case something happens to a paramedic

4. Medical Equipment – The medical equipment essential in saving lives are generally highly designed to fit inside of every paramedic bag or made portable for it to be direct and easy to utilize. Here are a couple of the medical equipments needed during emergency operations.

• Portable defibrillator
• Small portable oxygen tanks
• Neck support device
• Portable heart monitors device

These are the common items or equipments that can be found inside a paramedic bag. Each item corresponds to a great purpose in helping save human lives. There are different types of paramedics and not all the items for life saving can be found inside the bag. Yet, it carries the most basic small gadgets and supplies to help them meet their goals.

In line with this, licensed paramedics cannot save lives without the help of their functionally designed paramedic bags to aid and assist individual who need their assistance. These bags can be considered as of the most helpful tools for them to proceed with their goal, which is to save lives.

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