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Getting A Degree And Career In Hotel And Restaurant Management

The ‘80s and the ‘90s witnessed the fast growth of hospitality management, an industry that offered a wide range of opportunities for those who want to establish a career in the hotel world. As the field continues to soar in upward swing, the demand for a new breed of managers and hotel staff became more felt that colleges and universities began to offer course programs in hotel and restaurant management.

At the outset, food service managers are only required to possess secondary school diploma. However, with the influx of candidates who hold postsecondary education, hotels are more inclined to hire them because of their educational attainment. Hotel and restaurant management courses provide programs that promise to train students in preparation for managerial and top level positions in the lodging and food industries. As the industry develops itself, managers who have a bachelor’s degree and extensive related experiences became in demand to handle the complicated aspects of hotel management and operations.

Preparing for a Career in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Tip: You can receive a tax break when entertaining clients. If you bring clients to a fancy restaurant to close a deal, you can deduct part of the expenses associated with that event.

People considering of establishing a profession in the hotel and food business need to undergo a training process if they want to enter the industry in managerial capacity. There is the need to enrol in a college or university that offer hospitality management courses or training programs where sessions are usually handled by top-notch personalities in the industry. For those who opt for flexible schedules, the course can be obtained through online certificate program. There are many websites that offer such programs, but the applicant must exercise discretion in selecting legitimate sites to avoid scammers. There are many programs to choose from such as hotel operations, event planning, culinary and other branches of the industry management. Choose the specific field that is most interesting because it can give the needed motivation to be more focused. During the course, students are required to undergo on the job training where they are provided with actual job exposure allowing them to experience hotel management and operations. Oftentimes, degree programs require hotel internship which is really a great opportunity for students to learn the details of the industry they intend to penetrate. Students can also work on part time basis occupying entry level positions that can allow them to rise from the ranks as they complete their studies while gaining adequate experience from their job.

Possessing a diploma in the degree program offers an advantage in terms of career prospects. The fact that high-end hotels and restaurants prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree, there are more possibilities that these highly educated and trained personnel can be considered to occupy specialized positions in the concierge department, pastry arts or casino operations. Staff who have such qualifications are trusted with more responsibilities than those with minimal education and training and even over those who have degrees in non-related courses. Aside from the general hospitality courses, degree programs in hotel and restaurant management are coupled with business courses which are essential for hotel or restaurant managers in handling the accounting, marketing and operational aspects of the business. Basically, though, hospitality courses are focused on topics about facilities, guest services, wine and beverages management, hospitality law and also on travel and tourism. Those who want to take a lead and be a stand out enrol themselves in short courses such as basic computer processing or speech development programs to create a more impressive resume.

A professional career in hotel and restaurant management is considered one of the highest paying jobs in the business world that is why more people are getting enticed to enter this posh realm. Aside from the satisfaction and the good salary that come with it, there are also other perks enjoyed by hotel and restaurant workers that are not available in the other work field. Only people with passion and fine taste to serve the hotel industry can enjoy free gourmet dishes, handsome suites, valet parking and other five-star hotel amenities that other people are dying to have even an iota of them.

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