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5 Simple Ways to Great Online Dating!

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Online dating can be a wonderful way to meet new and interesting people. However, the process can be a little intimidating for those new to dating online. If you want the best experience possible try these five simple ways to great online dating:


1) Post a recent photo

If you are going to try online dating get comfortable with the fact that the most viewed profiles are those with at least one member photo. Most sites allow for multiple photos so take advantage and upload several. Make sure your photos are recent - not more than 6 months old is ideal. Matches should be able to recognize you when you finally meet. Believe me - posting a photo of yourself 10 years younger and 20 lbs. lighter will do nothing to improve your dating experience.

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2) Be honest in your profile

Present yourself in the best light possible but be honest about your abilities. You don't want to build unrealistic expectations just to disappoint your matches when you finally meet.

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3) Get to know your matches

It can be easy to get carried away in the excitement of meeting someone new! While you should definitely have fun and enjoy the experience it is also a time for caution. Take time to learn as much as possible about your match. Don't share personal information with anyone until you feel comfortable doing so. Don't take the relationship to another level if you have doubts regarding your match's honesty.

Tip! Honesty is essential to growing and developing your online dating relationship.

4) Be polite

People have a tendency to feel anonymous online. Treat people with the same respect and courtesy online as you would offline. If you are interested in someone and they don't respond to your inquiries - move on! There is no excuse for sending rude communication to another member. You can't know what is going on in their lives at the moment. Leave the door open for communication in the future! You just might be pleasantly surprised.

5) Where's the chemistry?

Tip! Set realistic goals and be positive, assured, and a complete person. Don't let online dating be the only interest in life.

Not every match will be a good match! There is no substitute for meeting face to face. You might have great online chemistry only to find you have little or no chemistry offline. It happens. If you've come face to face with your online fling and just aren't attracted to them - don't panic. Hopefully you have set a short 30 minute first meeting. You aren't obligated to meet again. If the chemistry just isn't there they are probably going to know it also. However, if they ask to get together again just be honest. No one appreciates having that situation prolonged.

Tip! Don't be afraid to use online dating. If the first person you contact isn't interested, keep trying as the next contact may be the one.

Most of all enjoy your online dating experience. At the very least you'll meet some wonderful new friends.

© Danette Collins


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