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Five Ways That You Can Make It Without a College Degree!

Making it without a college degree might seem like a herculean task to a lot of people, most especially as it is believed that education is essential to success in life. and there is less chance of success without a college degree.  However, success can be defined in a lot of ways. To some people it can be define by the vision and choices that they make in life, while to some others, it might be defined by their accomplishment and financial graduate is a dogstatus in life. In whatever way we choose to define success the bottom line is that success is how we are able to make it in life.  Making it in life without a college degree is not an easy task but it is quite achievable.  In this article we are going to highlight the different ways that we can make it without a college degree.

Be an inventor: When we take a statistic today we discover that a lot of people who abandoned college degree had gone on to invent something. Steve jobs gave us apple products. Mark Zuckerberg created face book, which has become a worldwide success today, while Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.  These men did not complete their education but are a huge success story today because they had invented something that has become an essential part of our lives. So inventing something that the market needs might turn you into an instant success

Discover your passion: Everyman has a talent that is inside him but oftentimes we fail to realize it. One of the greatest musicians of our time Michael Jackson discovered his passion as a young man and quickly harnessed it to become one of the greatest musicians.  He never went to school but rose to the pinnacle of his career before his death. So discovering your passion early in life and developing it is a sure way to guarantee success.

Be a problem solver: The other day I was discussing with two of my friends and I asked them that if they had the opportunity of having a one on one encounter with Bill Gates and he ask them what he can do for them what will they tell him? One of them said he will ask him for employment, while the other said he will ask him for a contract. I told them they were both wrong in asking favor from him. Instead if they had told him that they had discovered a problem with his Microsoft systems and they have come to offer a solution to that problem and he is able to see the workability of their solution he will not only employ them but would have given them a nice contract. If you work in a company and you are able to proffer solutions to problems it will definitely get the desired attention to move you to the next level. This does not require a college degree but requires smartness.

Think like a salesman: Salesmen can sell you anything, sometimes things you don’t even need. You don’t need a college degree to be an astute salesman. If you can sell anything you can be rest assured that you will definitely make it. Thinking like a salesman enables you to market yourself and get hired easily. It can also help you in starting your own business.

Be hardworking: Success does not come on a platter of gold. So making it without a college degree requires hard work and dedication, It requires putting in extra hours, and been outstanding in your chosen field. There should be no room for mediocrity or laziness.

We agree that making it without formal education can be very tasking, however, it is not impossibility, and it is quite achievable when we follow the steps given above success can be guaranteed.

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