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Many people pay more attention on their skin treatment, such as daily facial clean in the morning or evening, then rub on the lotion or mask and so on. For hair, we might think that it is ok when washing the hair with good shampoo and conditioner. However, we may not aware that hair also has the life as same as the skin and needs good care, especially for those dry, bifurcate or broken hair.

Therefore, on hair care, people also should know some details:

The shampoo selection should not only have good quality, but contain lower alkaline.

Try to make our hair dry by nature and reduce the time of hair drier use, because it will have bad effect on our hair.

We should comb our hair more often, because it can stimulate the scalp and to improve the ventilation between the hair. As the scalp is a place where is easy to sweat and dirty, and comb hair diligently may help to prevent the occurrence of baldness and dandruff.

Maybe some people think that wash hair every day could get a head of good hair. Actually, it will not get an idea effect. So more important is the necessary hair care after washing, such as hair conditioner or others.

Use hair care products properly. First, we should rinse the shampoo on the hair, and then put appropriate hair conditioner on our palm and friction it with both hands, then apply them on hair evenly. Long hair could apply from the hair root to the tips of the hair. During this time, we will feel a sense of slip, but if this feeling gone halfway, it indicates the amount that is not enough, so add some. Therefore, the experienced people can handle to adjust the dosage. Wait for 2-3 minutes, and we can rinse the conditioner away on hair.

We could also protect our hair through sports and diet. Appropriate exercise allows us to have more peaceful mind and makes our body healthy. Particular do some exercise before bed that will help us sleep better. In fact, good sleep is help for hair. In addition, our hair also needs enough nutrition, so good eating habits are good for hair healthy.


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