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If you want to break out the routine, relax yourself and face every day in a positive mind, it is necessary to start a day with asking yourself questions. These questions will bring us strength and good mood.

What have we owned?

We usually feel upset for what we haven't own, and could not see what we have own, such as health, listen, sight, love and be loved, foods and so on. As the saying goes:" The value of it is seldom known until lost". Let us walk out of complaining so that we can see what we have.

Why should we be proud?

Be proud of your achieved. No matter how big of your achievements, every success means a step forward. You can proud of overcoming a challenge, helping a stranger, making a new friends or reading a new book, etc.

What should we be thankful for?

We could thankful for lots of things every day, do many people, because they taught us something virtually. Every day we live is actually a precious gift for all.

How can I dynamic?

We can make a plan for doing some positive things. For example, you can contact with those people who have been appreciated and long-lost friends, say some encouraging words to your working partner, keep smile to everyone or play with your children, etc.

Which kind of problems can I solve today?

Try to solve those problems today which are going to leave tomorrow and complete the work at hand as far as possible in the day. We also should dare to face the tough issues and deal with them in a different perspective.

Can I cast off the burden of the past?

"The burden of past" refers to those cumulative experience of grief and resentment for long years. What good will it does if we always carry these burdens? So we can make a conclusion for the past, save the worthy experience and remove the burden permanently.

How do I see problems from a different angle?

People always are the adviser for others, but not their own. But in many cases, the fundamental problem is the way we see things. Many people have experienced for the unbearable anguish of one thing, and feel ridiculous then. So sadness and happiness just depend on our angle.

How can I have a good day?

Do something which are different from usual time. If we learn to enjoy life, it will be more colorful. We must dare to creativity and innovation.

Who will be embraced by me?

Embrace is our spiritual food. One psychologist once said, if want to health, people should embrace at least 8 times a day. Physical touch is the most basic need for human and it can even help us to develop the brain.

Start acting now?

Don't think these are "Sounds good" proposals, and don't think life is so difficult. In fact, everyday does not like you imagined. To make life boring or positive, the decision is in your own hands.


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