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Christian Online Dating - Worth the Bother?

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Top Christian Online Dating Tips

Given the shortage of single Christian men and women in many small churches today, the advent of online dating has become a favored way to meet eligible single men.


Of course, using the internet to find a partner is not without its risks and downside, but with so many stories of "happily ever after" being publicised by all the dating services, online dating is here to stay.


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Christian dating sites can also be a great way to meet new friends as well as sharing how it feels to be a single Christian.


Dating Tips - Online Dating Manual We provide articles & ecourse.

If you're considering online dating, then follow these simple rules:-


  1. 1.   If you're looking for a Christian partner, then look for them on a Christian site.
  2. Post a good photo of yourself - many more people will view your profile as a result
  3. Be honest about yourself in your profile - if you're a terrible cook, don't say that you're a cordon blue chef!
  4. Don't give out personal information, no matter how genuine the other person may sound
  5. Do consider how far you are realistically prepared to travel
  6. Use the chat forums to share ideas, thoughts - who knows, you may even meet someone
  7. Once you find someone that you like, spend plenty of time talking to them on the internet before considering meeting up or phoning each other
  8. When you meet, make sure that it is in a public place and that your family or friends know where you are
  9. Meet somewhere you'll both feel comfortable and keep it brief for the first date


Tip! Honesty. Honesty is essential to growing and developing your online dating relationship.

Be patient and remember that you are loved and special to God, whether you're single, dating or married.


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