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The 5 elements of nature when in balance combine to give us life. Everyone has a core fundamental nature known as the spirit, also clearly termed as Spiritual Health. As a baby we come in this world carefree and full of pure energy, but as we learn and grow some things change. We want and desire things, work towards achieving them leaving some part of our blithe and neural energy to have a positive or negative attitude towards life.


We eat to get energy and carry out daily activates that happen in our life. Do you regularly feed your soul with some zest to reach a peaceful state? We hardly get a chance to notice or observe this inner essence of our individuality. As we cannot measure it, provide it, use it straightaway and others cannot directly see our soul; we forget to give spirit the deserved importance.


Spiritual Health can be regained by bringing a few simple changes in our daily life. Self discipline is important to be successful in developing spiritual and even physical health. Great leaders were completely dedicated to their schedule and goals in life. It is not pertaining to any religion or beliefs, but simple living schedule, plus stance towards the world and our cohabitants here.


Have faith in yourself and people around you. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect to gain the same for you. Remove anger, frustration, hatred, fear, jealousy and ego from your mind and learn forgiveness towards one and all. Appreciate the love and care given to you by others, take time to thank and return favors. Your quest for ultimate truth, the reason for your existence can be understood by Meditation and realization of the supreme power of universe.


Meditation and Yogasana has become popular worldwide for all the right reasons. It works on all aspects of the living being – mental, physical and spiritual. Get in touch with nature by spending quality time with yourself outdoor. Free your mind of all worries and clutter as you focus on the present moment. Listen to your subconscious mind that is reaching for some peace and quiet. Plans, thoughts and endless actions of daily life make us tired. Rejuvenate your spiritual wellness by concentrating on your breathing feel the fresh air enter your body and purify it with oxygen. A calm feeling will overcome you just enjoy it. Yoga exercises not only tone your body, but give strength to your spirit as well. Get information on how to perform it correctly with guidance of practitioner.


The natural energies of your body come to a balance with positivity and healthy living. You will feel happy and satisfied when you let go of all that clutter from your mind. Healing your body of all ailments through a healthy life style and regular spiritual grooming will make your life happier. Spiritual Health is not regained in a day or two; you have to give it regular dose of some self realization with Yoga and Meditation for ultimate joy of spirituality.

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