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One of the most famous rodeo events is when a bull rider attempts to be mounted at the back of the bull without falling; this is called bull riding. Since the early times, taming a bull is a recreational activity and even done as a form of competition. Today, bull riding is known for its popularity across the globe as a risky and dangerous sport. Despite its danger, many individuals are still into bull riding, whether it is simply done to follow tradition or just to satisfy the need for adrenaline rush. Bull riding is a thriving industry.

Three out of 10 individuals are into bull riding. This is the reason why discussed below are some basic bull riding tips that can help guide individuals who are beginners in their bull riding experience.

Bull Riding Tips

• It is important to take into understanding that riding a bull is very dangerous. Learn the core basics of what the common dangers are that a person may obtain during the ride. Being aware on the possible risks can assist a person to take extra precaution.

• Each person that participates in bull riding must start from the very beginning. Enroll in bull riding course that teaches different essential techniques needed during the ride. In addition, ensure to enroll with a bull riding expert. Selecting an expert in the field of bull riding can certify a person to learn both concepts and actual bull riding.

• It is a privilege to ride on a wild bull, yet the availability to train on an actual bull maybe limited to some. However, there is still a way to master riding the bull during its bucking motion even without the aid of a real bull. This is through of hopping onto a mechanical bull. What is good about this mechanical bull training is that it can be adjusted from the basic low settings up to higher speeds and intensity.

• Another great tip in bull riding is making oneself become disciplined and responsible inside and outside the bull riding event. Most individuals think that riding a bull is somehow done by the so called “rock stars”, but in fact it is not.   A true and successful bull rider always remains humble at all times, if you want to be successful follow this tip.

• For beginners, do not forget to wear protective gears such as vest, helmets, and pads. It may seem like a simple step that can be ignored, yet it can lessen fatal injuries during the ride.

• Gradual practice is required to master bull riding particularly from totally taming or stopping the bull from bucking. Try to dedicate a perfect time to practice at least 2-3 times a week. Each practice must be observed and constantly studied on to determine what the weak point or areas must be improved on. Practice is the key in bull riding.

• People often experiencing falls are usually have disturbed thoughts and fears from the bull. When riding, make sure to disregard fear and extra thoughts that bother you in your head. Just focus on how to prevent falling and counter-attack anything that bull gives.

• Learn how to breathe properly particularly when one is mounted on the back of the bull. In most cases, individuals fall because they forget to breathe, this can result to muscle stiffness and eventually cause individuals to fall off. Breathing helps in improving bull riding performance.

There are dozens of bull riding tips that are useful and discussed above are some of those useful guidelines when it comes to bull riding made particularly for beginners.

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