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Advice On Gaining Muscle As An Ectomorph

In order to build muscle as a skinny person, you need to understand how to do it as an ectomorph. An Ectomorph is a person with a thin body type, which tends to resist building bulk, and that goes for muscle or fat. Ectomorphs are the naturally slender people among us, the folks that many people (like me) are jealous of. The good news is ectomorphs can still gain muscle, you're just going to have to work a little harder at it than some other body types.

If you have this type of body, then you can eat a lot of food and not have to worry about gaining a lot of weight. This isn't really good news if you want to build muscle. This is why you have to be consistent with increasing the number of calories you consume.

Skinny Folks Get To Eat A Lot!

Most males who have this type of body need to eat thousands of calories per day if they want to build muscle. In fact, they often have to eat more than 3,000 calories per day to achieve this. In order to create more muscle tissue, you have to provide your body with even more energy, as your body is already efficient at using it. 

The calories you consume should come from protein and complex carbs. Many people make the mistake of adding more calories by eating fatty foods. This is not what you want to be eating because you won't build lean muscle.

Whole foods that contain nutrients are what you want to eat. Some of the best foods to eat include fruits and veggies, as well as whole grains. Lean meats and nuts are also good choices to go with.

Also, you must follow a good weight training regime and one that is designed to help you bulk up. Training every other day is a good idea and you will want to make sure your muscles are trained to fatigue by the end of each set of exercises you do. You don't need to train for hours, as training only an hour per session should be good enough.

Watch It With That Cardio!

Don't go overboard with cardio. Cardio is fun and it is great for your heart. However, it will hamper your efforts when it comes to building muscle, so take it easy with cardio.

Plus, doing cardio requires a lot of energy, which you need in order to build muscle. If you do cardio and burn all your energy doing it, you won't have much left over to train with the weights. This means you will have a harder time building muscle.

You will need to give your body the chance to build muscle. This happens when you are resting and fast asleep. In other words, you need to get a proper amount of rest and sleep because this is when you will build muscle.

Ideally, you should get 8-10 hours of sleep per night. While you're sleeping, your body will repair its cells and muscle. With that said, if you get plenty of rest and follow the advice you have just learnt, then you should be able to build muscle, even if you're an ectomorph.


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