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Krav Maga’s Simplistic Approach

It’s no-nonsense approach made it especially appealing to ordinary folks, young and old, individuals from all walks of life. It’s exciting to watch martial arts experts perform all these amazing stunts in the big screen while knocking off the bad guys, but in reality, all these are useless when you’re confronted with the real thing, such as a large aggressive male. This is why Krav Maga for women is very useful.

Krav Maga uses simple striking techniques with natural body movements executed with great precision. This works very well during close encounters at any given time in different situations. You are taught to fight while standing up, lying, or sitting down, and when your opponent is armed. You will learn how to neutralize and disarm your opponent whether you’re alone or with a loved one that you need to protect.

Learn Basic Survival Skills with Krav Maga

Since Krav Maga is a combination of several forms of martial arts such as jujitsu, judo, aikido, wrestling, boxing, and even fencing, you will be taught how to properly execute punches, kicks, strike using your elbows and knees, make use of ordinary objects, and turn them into deadly weapons to defend yourself.

There is so much more to Krav Maga other than it’s physical aspect since you are dealt with by your instructors in a holistic approach. There will be mental conditioning and you will be psyched on what to think and how to act during actual encounters. You will learn the value of self-discipline, focus, and self-preservation, no matter what the cost. The instinctive responses are meant to cause heavy damage to your opponent at the quickest time possible and fleeing the scene after you have accomplished this. In addition, since all these moves are deadly, you are seriously advised to use this only when extremely necessary and left with no other choice in order to survive.

Interestingly though, Krav Maga for women was developed because it became highly practical for female Israeli soldiers to use when trapped in difficult situations needing life-saving techniques. The Second World War has long come to an end but everyday threats to the lives of people is something everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. Nevertheless, thanks to Krav Maga, physical safety is one thing less to worry about.

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