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How Laser Teeth Whitening Works

This is a generation of instant and technological miracles. Many things that used to be virtually impossible are not just possible; it can even happen almost immediately. One of these is teeth whitening in about an hour through laser teeth whitening procedure. Sounds like fun, isn’t it? Except for the cost and the suddenness, it is a great way to look better and gain more confidence. Don’t we all love that?

Getting Intimate with Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening or “light-activated teeth whitening” is one of the most popular dental whitening procedures these days. It is based on the use of a beam of special laser light on those dental parts that are desired to get whiter. Most people who want their teeth to gleam in under or at most one hour, can choose this over other procedures.

If you are contemplating on having this procedure, you must be wondering what the hitches are. The first is the cost. You will spend about a thousand dollar for it. If you have enough money for it, then it is not a disadvantage. Another factor to consider is the side effect, which is the tooth sensitivity that may be triggered by the procedure. It is frequently temporary and it may go away with the use of toothpaste with potassium nitrate. The sudden change in the teeth color can generate extra attention; if you like to be noticed, then, it works for you. Other people, though, may not like the attention.

The procedure starts with the use of bleaching gels containing the active ingredients hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide on the enamel. The bleaching gel is activated using the special light beam. The result can be seen in an hour that is about a 10-shade improvement from the original color.

The Top Three Laser-activated Teeth Whitening Procedures

• BriteSmile teeth whitening system features the BriteSmile Procedural gel. This popular treatment is a ready-to-use kit or system that contains 15% hydrogen peroxide bleach and a pH of 6.5. There is also an “accelerator” used on the second procedure and on the third. The choice of lights are either LED (light emitting diode) or gas plasma bleaching light that have a wavelength between 400 and 500nm.

• Sapphire Whitening system uses a very potent Sapphire Plasma Arc Light plus Sapphire Whitening Gel. The light performs the process of bleaching in two ways. Sapphire's bleach absorbs light in the blue end of the spectrum. This excites and decomposes into reactive intermediates that assail the stains on teeth. In addition, absorbing the blue light activate the discoloration on the teeth.

•  Zoom tooth whitening system is the most popular of these three systems. The hydrogen peroxide has a 32% gel formulation and an activator. A 25% % hydrogen peroxide with a pH of 7.5 to 8.5 is created by combining by mixing the gel and the activator. A mercury metal halide light within the range of 350-400nm is used to activate the bleach mixture. 

Before jumping into having a laser teeth-whitening procedure, ask your dentist about the possible side effects. There is, of course the side effect: the increased sensitivity of the teeth as well as in the surrounding tissue like the gums. This is particularly felt when drinking cold or hot drinks and food. This goes away in a few days. This may be minimized with the careful performance of the procedure. The other mouthparts can be covered to protect them from the active bleach mixture containing peroxide and the light beams or laser. This may also be prevented by choosing a dentist who has the track record of many successful procedures. After the procedure, it is always best to stick to healthy dental habits to minimize frequent treatments like these. Why not maintain your smile the natural way?

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