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How Can You Use EMail Autoresponders In Your Business?

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Sending emails to website visitors is among the most basic tasks that webmasters do. It is hard not to know what it is all about. Nevertheless, it is possible that people use emails without really comprehending how it works. When used properly, this powerful strategy can help an Internet marketer attain many marketing goals. It all starts with the quest to the question, “What is an autoresponder?”

What is an email autoresponder?

An autoresponder is software that automatically sends out scheduled pre-written emails or when triggered by an event. This automating utility replies to an email message. It is also known as “trigger” emails and “drip campaigns.” The emails can be triggered by an event like a birthday. The signing up of a new subscriber to a website can also trigger a series of emails. It can run itself without any effort on the part of the website master or owner. It just needs to be programmed as to the pre-written responses, schedules, and triggers.

The Types of Autoresponders

There are three different types of autoresponders depending where the utility is hosted:

  1. Desktop-hosted Autoresponder – This type is installed on the desktop or locally and does not require a web-browser. Though it is easy to install, you still need to have the aptitude to get this set up in your PC and need to be online 24/7. This is not suitable when you are using a dial up or 56K relationship.
  2. Self-hosted Autoresponder – This is web-based and requires a program for server setup. It’s a script that is set up on one of the domains. If you are not familiar with scripting, this can be a challenge to you. This requires a one-time expense when you buy the software even with new versions that upgrade the program.
  3. Remotely hosted Autoresponder – This is the most widely use autoresponder that entails paying a service provider. This is best for newbies, for those who lack the aptitude to tinker with programs and software systems, and those who prefer to let others do the worrying while they just focus on business. The disadvantage is the cost as this entails paying a monthly fee.
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What Is An Autoresponder Series?

An autoresponder series is a fancy term used to describe the sending of a number of automated pre-written emails in a sequential order. This is different from broadcast that entails sending out a one-time message. This works well as you take new subscribers through a series of pre-written emails without any extra effort on your part. For instance, this is ideal in an e-course, in maintaining connections with the subscribers, in promoting products, in keeping subscribers updated with your content, in re-introducing old or curated content to subscribers, or when you are soliciting comments and feedback from subscribers.

This is a functional and strategic tool that works well in generating passive revenue if used and setup properly. There are four types:

  1. The Bait and Hook – This is based on the fundamental principle that a bait or valuable content is provided first and then a solution is presented later which is your product or the hook. This is the most commonly used series.
  2. The Ground and Pound – This is said to be the most aggressive approach and this works in certain situations, but not all the time. Hence, it requires a great deal of skill and discrimination to know when it is suitable to use and when it is not. This works by introducing the existing buyer upsells of other products that compliment what they previously bought.
  3. The Content and Engagement – The “content emails” are those provided the subscribers that keep them hanging and wanting more from you. The “engage emails” try to get a response from the subscribers to keep them tied up or involved with the blog. This tries to focus on building credibility and building relationships.
  4. The No Sequence at All – This is that one that needs to be avoided. Some marketers that have autoresponders may not be maximizing the use and benefits of the tool when they are just using it to send single emails to a batch of subscribers or use it for broadcasts. There is nothing wrong with broadcasts, but one must know when it is advantageous to use it and when it is tactical to use series emails.

Autoresponders are important tools that can mean a lot benefits. However, you must know it well for it to deliver those values. It starts with a basic question, “What is an autoresponder?”

An autoresponder series is a fancy term used to describe the sending of a number of automated pre-written emails in a sequential order.

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