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How does a Mobile Broadband Router Work?

By The Editor

Mobile broadband routers have gained much popularity due to their capability to gain wider connectivity through your broadband connection. Here’s how they work:

A mobile broadband router makes it possible to share your Internet connection with multiple users. When you are using your router, it broadcasts the Wi-Fi access to your Wi-Fi ready gadgets and computers so all of them can go online simultaneously.

These days, users have plenty of options for selecting routers. Make sure to compare and contrast each one before purchasing so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Just remember that not all cellular modems are able to work with all kinds of routers. So make sure to have it tested first to make sure it’s compatible with the cellular modem you’re going to use. Visit your local dealer or manufacturer’s website to see their router’s specifications.

How about a cellular router?

This is a device that makes use of cellular data signal to make connections on tablets or laptops available. It’s just like a wireless router wherein these devices can pick up Wi-Fi signal from. Therefore, for people always on the move, they can work continuously even if there are no Wi-Fi networks. People love this because it works as a portable hot spot and any type of device that can relay cellular data signal may be classified as cellular router. It’s because of their tethering feature that smartphones and mobile broadband modems are highly equipped with.

Some people choose to have this as a backup connection in case they need to access the web and their device does not have its own cellular connection and Wi-Fi networks are nowhere in sight. Most of these cellular routers can fit conveniently into your pocket and no longer require a USB port, which is good if you have very limited slots on your tablet or computer.

The Issue of Security and Cellular Routers

Another reason why people feel more at ease using cellular routers is that it allows them to set up their own passwords or security codes. By doing this, they are protecting their connection and their bandwidth because people who are within reach cannot just share their Internet access or have their classified data compromised. By using a code of numbers, these people are lowering the risk of others trying to crack their code merely because it’s difficult to know when or where users are going to use their routers.

On Switching and Using Multiple Devices

These days, routers can share signal with even up to five devices at a time. This is great for business colleagues working together while on travel or for those wanting to switch between devices such as their laptops and phones. Just remember that different routers each have their own limits to the number of devices they can accommodate all at the same time.

What about the Disadvantages?

No device is perfect and it’s the same thing for cellular routers, one of them being a short life for their batteries. This means you will need to recharge them constantly especially during long travel. It’s also a bit slower compared to using a regular Wi-Fi network. Cost is another issue because data plans can be a bit expensive especially when you exceed your data usage limit or quota. This usually happens when you constantly need to upload and download large files. This is the reason why you need to do some thorough research to find providers who can really give you your money’s worth.

A mobile broadband router does have its pros and cons, but as long as the advantages greatly outweigh the drawbacks, there’s no reason why you won’t go for it.

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