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How To Live Full Time In A RV MotorHome

By Andrew Wilson

Recent data shows that nearly 1.5 million people live full time or spend some part of the year in their RVs. One doesn’t need to be rich to own and live in an RV because most of these RV owners are either retirees or ordinary people with regular incomes. In their desire to fulfill a lifelong dream, they wisely use their resources in order to acquire an RV. Because of their modest lifestyle and creative budgeting, they now enjoy living in the best RV, far better than their previous way of life.

Planning Well Before Retirement

Most retirees deciding to have a full-time RV lifestyle made up their mind before or after a few months of their retirement. It is common to see RV owners whose ages range from 55 to 75 years old. They have the safe thought of surviving from the proceeds of selling their home, retirement money, or monthly pension. With such predictable financial sources, full time RV owners have learned how to live frugally by being careful not to expend more than the amount of money they expect to receive.

Living with Fewer Bills

Full-time RV owners who dispose their homes for good are done with the expenses that normally bother homeowners. Gone are the utility bills for water, electricity, phone, or garbage pick-up. There are no more maintenance costs to pay for landscaping, painting, repairs, cleaning services, and pest control. Most importantly, there are no more insurances and property taxes to deal with. In addition, while it is true that an RV also requires regular maintenance, the expenses are half less than paying plumbing repairs or replacing the bathroom tiles in a typical house.

To keep track of their spending pattern, RV owners have learned to make a list of their estimated monthly expenses, which include gas, food, campground fees, and other costs on the road. As they get used to the new lifestyle, it became a practice to log down daily expenses to monitor where the money goes. In effect, it helps them to manage their spending giving them the idea how to apportion the available money on different expense items.

Saving Money on Full-Time RV Lifestyle

An RV lifestyle is just like living a normal life at home. There are essential items that are also needed for existence such as food, clothes, gas, household items, maintenance, entertainment, medical and dental services, and other miscellaneous items. Nevertheless, RV owners have discovered ways and secrets on how to live on less in order to enjoy life more even while on the road. With limited space to live in, they have realized that they can survive without the material things they used to live with yet not sacrificing comfort, safety, and happiness. It may be initially difficult to adjust, but, through time, life in a motor home can be fun even with only the basics of things.

Surprisingly, many RV owners find contentment living in the best RV without the frills of home. In fact, they attest to experiencing the wonderful feeling of not being trapped with all the worries that accompany house dwelling. Believing that things only need to be prioritized, RV owners have learned to live only with the necessities and practice a life of living on less to do the more important things to them.

All of us have different concept of how to live life to the fullest. Some may care about living amidst a luxurious setting either at home, hotels, or resorts. However, for thousands of full-time RV owners, living well means traveling to see the countryside without having to worry about the limits of time and space. It means exploring new places and meeting new people. It means experiencing new things and learning from them. On board the best RV, it means a life well lived.

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