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Can I Be Beautiful Even If I Am Overweight?happy and attractive woman


People are naturally a little bit too conscious about their body’s shape especially young people and more specifically, girls. Many would trade anything and everything just to look a little skinnier. If you ask those who are naturally skinny, you would find that they are fighting the same battle like you. And they too, would trade anything and everything to gain a little more weight and look less like a ‘stick’. The truth of the matter is being fat or skinny is only one small factor to determine your overall beauty and the grass always looks greener on the other side.

Does being Skinny mean you are beautiful?

Being skinny does not mean you are beautiful nor does being fat mean you are ugly. There are many practical living examples of beautiful AND fat people in this great big world. In any case, your body is in your control. If you wish to lose weight, then remember that the scales do not dictate how much you weigh, your lifestyle and habits do.

How to look beautiful and sexy without stretching yourself?

The first thing you should consider doing is ‘working out’. No matter your body’s shape, it will be painful at first, but the body gets adapted to the regular exercise in time. Don’t work out with the intention of losing 10 pounds in your first month, rather do it to keep your body fit.

Smelly people don’t attract others no matter what their figure is. If you are naturally fat, you just have one single drawback out of the many different factors that will make you look beautiful and attractive. Make sure to score high on those other matters. One of them is your personal hygiene.

Look for a suitable hairstyle and dresses that go with your body structure. If you can afford it, consult a professional stylish who will tell you which hairstyle and dress will look best on you.

thumbs up from an attractive womanShowing your skin does not make you more beautiful. Remember: the most beautiful pearls are found inside shells. Nudity doesn’t reflect your beauty, it shows that you have nothing else to offer. Shift your focus from displaying your body shape to displaying your personality. But before doing so, first make sure that you possess an attractive personality in the first place. If you don't have such an attractive personality it’s never too late to start working on an upgrade!

A smile always brings an air of confidence in your looks and personality. But be careful of fake smiles, people can often differentiate between a natural and fake smile. While a natural smile adds to your beauty, a fake smile is enough to make people annoyed at you. Be careful with your teeth though, as a closed mouth is better than a yellowish smile.

The Do’s and Don’ts


  • Kindness is the natural human instinct of a beautiful personality. Sometimes all it takes to be kind is to wear a kind smile, an attentive ear or a consoling hug.
  • Being confident and smart is reflected in your posture. Maintain a straight sitting position in front of others but don’t stiffen your shoulders.
  • Remember that everyone has some aspects that they are not confident about. Try to focus on the things about you that you are confident about and forget the rest.
  • Don’t try to impersonate someone else with your clothing, makeup, hairstyle etc. Develop your own personality and do not adopt someone else’s. Individuality shows you are confident about yourself.
  • Don’t be too obsessed to become thin. TV models look good on TV, you are not a model so don’t try to be one.
  • Before starting any diet or exercise program, remember to always put your health first and consult your doctor.


Will I never become beautiful?

I am sure you have read lots of articles on this topic and all seemed a bit theoretical to you. Remember that being confident about yourself and what you are going to do is the basic foundation on which you must build your empire of beauty. This lack of confidence and fear of failure comes from a lack of understanding. Remember that true beauty first spreads its roots inside and then spreads outside and not the other way round. To be beautiful, you must first believe that you are beautiful.

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