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Love Yourself and Others to Learn How to be Successful and Happy

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Many people need to realize that genuine happiness is not about being able to buy the latest gadgets, buying fine clothes and jewelry, and having many material things that money can buy. True happiness must be felt within. Yes, perhaps material things make people happy, but that is superficial. True happiness that comes from love and success is the best kind of happiness that one can feel. For this to happen, you need to love yourself first to learn how to be successful and happy.

Success and Happiness

Everybody thinks that success brings happiness. Thus, it is understandable why many people work hard for success in school, work, business, or relationships. Lately, however, there are studies that reveal that happiness and success are not always connected in that way. In fact, it is suggested that happiness is one of the factors that can help one become successful. This proves how important it is for a person to be happy to be able to succeed in life. When you are happy, everything else falls in its right place.

Know Who You Are

One of the techniques that can help a person learn how to be successful and happy is by knowing more about themselves through self-analysis and self-discovery. Oftentimes, people lack confidence because they do not know themselves enough or their true worth. Understanding some habits and attitudes, thoughts, inclinations, and motivations can help a person know more about themselves. The technique is simple. One only needs to become conscious about their actions.

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Controlling Bad Habits

Bad habits need to be identified to be able to control or manage them because these can interfere in a person’s way of attaining happiness and success. Identifying is an easy process; what makes the entire thing hard is trying to reverse the bad habits in order to develop good habits.

Here are some things that can help people become happier in life and to be eventually successful:

  • Be thankful for all the good things. People are happy when they know how to be thankful. Be thankful, not only towards the material things that you get, but also for the people who make you happy or help you find the reason to be happy.
  • Feel positive. Studies show that being optimistic enhances people’s happy feeling. On the contrary, pessimism or negativity blocks happiness and success.
  • Count your blessings. When people count the good things happening in their lives, they feel happier because these remind them there are enough reasons to be happy about.
  • Move on. Do not dwell in the past because that will tie you up to wretched thoughts and feelings of the past. It is easy to look forward when you keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. Rather, look at the good things in your life and the opportunities coming your way. ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’.
  • Be strong. This is not easy when you are down. This is why it is good to be positive and to have faith. These can provide you with immense energy to succeed and triumph over your ordeals.
  • Be good to other people. Interestingly, being benevolent, kind, and generous make people feel good. Share what you have to those who need help – your skills, time, and wealth. You will be happy you did when you realize how good it feels to help.

What else must you know about how to be successful and happy? Strive to be happy by relaxing a bit. Do not put too much pressure on yourself to be happy. People need to realize that happiness is not about competing; happiness is about living life to the fullest.

Bad habits need to be identified to be able to control or manage them because these can interfere in a person’s way of attaining happiness and success.

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