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Use Old Socks To Clean Your Blinds

Horizontal or vertical blinds come in various forms such as vinyl, metal or wood. The blinds in our home windows are very helpful and necessary as they keep out the bright light, some heat from the sun and also provide privacy. Over time horizontal blinds accumulate dust and grime for weeks, months or years and before you realize it, they need to be cleaned. Maintaining a clean environment in our homes would require that we clean these blinds regularly without necessarily breaking the to clean blinds with old socks

Cleaning of blinds can be achieved using the following steps.

Things You'll Need

Old sock -This is actually a great use for those miss-matched socks


Step by Step procedure

*Put your hand into the sock and dampen the end lightly with water

*Dip the end or tip of your sock into pure vinegar.

*Wipe your blind slats from one edge to the other, by keeping your thumb on the base and your different fingers on top of the slat. You may need to repeat this a couple times as needed to remove all the dust and grime from every slat of the blind

*Rinse your sock as required to remove the dirt it picks up and continue cleaning your blinds with vinegar.

The blinds would ordinarily dry where they hang, however if the atmosphere is extremely damp or humid you can dry each slat with a hair dryer.

I would like to point out here that where the steps highlighted above are quite effective for Metal and plastic horizontal blinds, I would not recommend them for wooden blinds. Despite the fact that most wood blinds are treated such that they won't be harmed by water, don't use water to clean them. After some time, water will harm the wood. Unless the manufacturer of your wood blinds prescribes an alternate approach to clean them, it’s generally best to utilize furniture polish.

Thus for wood blinds we can simply replace the vinegar with furniture polish.

* Whilst wearing the sock on your hand,wipe down your blind slats from one edge to the other this would help get rid of the initial dust.

*Spray the sock with a small amount of polish

*Dust the top, bottom and side of each wood slat

*Replace sock with a fresh one as may be required.

A dependable guideline is to clean your blinds about once every season. How frequently you want to perform the cleaning will rely on upon the amount of dust in your home and elements. The following could also determine how often you should clean your blinds.


Hypersensitivity sufferers


You can begin with once a month cleaning and adjust to cleaning pretty much regularly depending on the amount of dust aggregation you see.

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