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How To Get On The Top List Of App Stores

By Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones

Literally, hundreds of thousands of apps are competing to get on the top list of app stores but that doesn’t stop hopeful developers from trying. Why is that? Well, if you have studied your options well, know what your target market wants, and have the perfect selling price in mind, there’s no reason why you won’t stand a chance.

Develop the Next Big Game

Users go nuts over games; sometimes, the sillier the games are, the better. People don’t play games because they want complexity, they do it for fun and relief, a reprieve from a long day from work or school, a breather during coffee breaks, or simply something to while away the time while in transit or on travel. The point is, come up with something to make users laugh; excite their senses – anything to make them play with your app again and again.

Make the Perfect Price Pitch

You’re well aware of the magic of the $.99 purchase price of apps. These ones had the staying power, those who were not only able to attract new users but were able to keep their old ones as well. No matter how great your app is, don’t jack up the price because that will cause many prospective buyers to change their minds.

Come up with something Catchy

Your target audience’s attention span is extremely short so don’t expect them to spend time trying to figure out a complicated app. If it takes them more than ten seconds to make your app work, they may simply go on to the next interesting app and forget yours for good. Again, there are thousands of those to choose from, so they’ll never really run out of available options.

you could make an app for anything...

Invest in an Outstanding iOS Designer

Believe it or not, it’s worth it. In fact, this may be the best investment you can make to guarantee that you not only have your app on the app store, but your marketability and staying power in general as well once it takes off. Get somebody who has an eye for detail. People hate sloppy work and they can detect it the moment they see it. Crappy design or an awkward icon is a dead giveaway, that you are a waste of time and money for the users.

Focus on your Brand Awareness

Carefully study what you are marketing and find out what are the things you can do to make your brand distinct, and even if it has certain similarities with other apps, what is it about it that makes it stand out among the rest? No matter how great your app is if you have poor marketing and promotional strategies, all your efforts may go down the drain. Once you have come up with an effective promotional campaign, decide on a specific timeline your app needs to gain enough exposure to make some noise and get the attention it needs.

Maximize the Use of Social Media

Gone are the days when big companies and conglomerates alone can afford multimillion dollar product promotions. The internet, specifically the power of the social media has helped level out the playing field for everyone, so take advantage of this. Take it to Facebook, Twitter, make website totally dedicated to your app, give out all the interesting information about your work, do what you can to get rave reviews. Be careful though and make sure you don’t exaggerate or offer features that don’t exist just so you can rake in more revenues.

Getting on the top list of app stores is not easy; it takes planning and hard work. Then again, the only one who can really stop you from pursuing this dream is you.

Your target audience’s attention span is extremely short so don’t expect them to spend time trying to figure out a complicated app.

make sure people can easily get your app

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