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How To Create A Manly Romantic Evening At Home

Want to impress your guy with a romantic evening he'll never forget? Then nix the flowers and candles, ladies. Guys think those things are "girly" and most of them only say they like 'em because they make YOU happy.

To really impress your man, try serving him instead. Here's how:

Put together a romantic little dinner, and then serve it up in style - but without all the feminine frills and frippery on the table. Put them on your body instead.

No, not the candles and flowers. The frills. Wear something sexy. Something red! Something hot that's sure to hold his eye throughout the rest of the evening. Wear his favorite perfume – and not a lot else. Dress like Aphrodite, but treat him like a god by serving his every whim.

So, wear the frills, promise thrills and follow along with the rest of this recipe if you want to serve your guy up the kind of romantic evening he'll surely remember for a long, long time. Ready?

First, put on some music, but turn it down low and leave it playing in the background. Then start the evening off right by dishing up his favorite meal.

Lay out the china, sure, but then serve your man like an eager, attentive waitress. You want to make him feel like a king. If you're really feeling “boldacious,” you can feed him, too. Sit in his lap, and serve up each bite with tender loving care.

Next, indulge in a bit of rhythmic togetherness. Get close by sharing a slow dance or two. Maybe sip a glass of wine while the two of you sway together because music tends to soothe away the cares of the day, and you definitely want your man relaxed and feeling fine.

Finally, when the dinner and dancing are over, have a nice hot bath waiting. Or shower. Whichever your man prefers. But don't leave him to enjoy it alone. Oh, no. You should join him. Bathe him. With your eyes as much as with your hands. Pamper him by lavishing him with your full attention.

The key is, for this one night, to focus your entire attention solely on pleasing your man.

Show him you are willing to give special care to his wants, his needs, his desires. Make it a night where your only purpose is to serve and please him, and you just might be amazed at the difference it makes in your relationship.

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