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How To Decide Between Roof Replacement Or Repair

Making the decision to replace the roof on your home represents a major home improvement commitment. For that reason, it is important to be able to distinguish whether you need a complete roof replacement or just some repairs to the roof you already have. By reviewing the information found below, you will be better equipped to make what can be a very significant choice, in terms of both time and money.

Tip: Make sure that you seal cracks in your home to eliminate infestation of bugs. Use caulk around your home's baseboards, windows and even electrical outlets.

First, you need to spend some time thoroughly examining the actual current condition of your roof. Look to see if there are patches where shingles appear to be lifting up or if there are areas of distinct damage. Do you notice widespread discoloration? If any of these problems attract your attention, it may be that a more significant overhaul of the roof is needed. When in doubt about the true implications of any irregularities you may notice, do not hesitate to seek the opinion of an experienced roofing contractor.

Tip: Always focus on having the best lighting. Well lit rooms feel cozy and comfortable for all those in residence.

Another key consideration when it comes to roof replacement or repair decisions is the actual age of the roof itself. Was the current roof in place when you purchased the home? If so, did the previous owners indicate when it was installed? The older the roof, the more likely it is nearing the end of its useful life, making replacement a more likely outcome. But, if your roof is relatively new and is just showing isolated areas of trouble, repairs may be a viable option.

Tip: Furniture cushions will, unfortunately, flatten out with repeated use. One way to bring them back to live is to place them outside in the sun.

The sort of materials used on a roof will also help you determine whether its lifespan is nearing its end and replacement is an inevitability. Slate, asphalt and steel roofing systems all have different terms of longevity, and this is something that must be factored into your overall assessment of your options. Do some research and learn how long your specific type of roof ought to last and compare that to how long it has actually been in place. This will provide some useful guidance.

Tip: You can use 3-D tile instead of buying art for your walls. Three dimensional tiles set in two different colors is wall art within itself.

Any decision between replacement or repair of your roof will necessarily involve budgetary considerations. Think about how much money you realistically have available for roof improvements. If you need to boost your home's value in the near term, and have sufficient cash on hand, a full replacement may be wise. If you just need to keep the roof functional and have limited funds, repairs may be the better choice.

Tip: Any painting job requires you to estimate the amount of paint you require. You will spend lots of unplanned money if you simply guesstimate about what you need for a job.

Finally, a simple analysis of cost differentials between replacement and repair of your roof may just make the decision for you. For many, the substantial expense involved in a complete replacement is simply cost prohibitive and will therefore result in just repair work being done. But, if extensive repairs are needed which come close to the cost of an entirely new roof, it may make sense to go ahead and get the entire thing replaced.

The framework provided above is an invaluable resource as you go about determining whether to repair or fully replace your home's roof. Given the great expense involved with complete roof replacements, it really does pay to acquire the know-how to accurately assess your home's needs and proceed accordingly. Your pocketbook will surely thank you.

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