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A Simple Guide To Feeding Your Albino Iguana


Despite its hardy exterior, the iguana is actually a sensitive creature depending greatly on its environment for survival.  As a common iguana is sensitive, it can only be assumed that the Albino iguana requires even more care to ensure it survives in any situation.  Being an owner of this reptile, it is important to note that one of the most vital aspects of the iguana's existence is food and having a responsibility for its survival you must be aware of the correct type of nutrition.

What Do Iguanas Like To Eat?

Iguanas have been classified as herbivores; therefore, green plants should be in the diet.  Yet, there are those who consider the iguana an omnivore and recommend insects as a protein-based contribution to their diet.  Television shows and magazines often present images of iguanas eating small insects making this recommendation seem correct, but studies have shown that this act is often accidental.

Research has shown that iguanas are typically herbivorous and the inclusion of animals in their diet is due to the insect being on the plant chosen for eating.  This being the case, the iguana consumes both items instead of waiting for the insect to leave.  Experts in the field, including veterinarians, tend to promote a more vegetable and plant-based diet for iguanas as this increases their physical health.

When feeding your Albino iguana, it is essential that all plants and vegetables are freshly picked.  While the iguana will eat leftover items, not really knowing the difference, consumption of "old" plants can result in disorders within the digestive tract.  This can lead to physical illness and in severe cases, death.

So, based on this information, what foods are best for your iguana?  It is recommended that a variety of items be provided including fruits and flowers.  This will not only maintain the iguana's health but also help you recreate the "wild" atmosphere making him/her feel more at home.  This can decrease any mental stress your pet may experience and increase chances of survival.

 As with most animals, the Albino iguana will need water.  It is essential that you provide your iguana with a tall glass or filled bowl of water during feeding as iguanas tend to drink by dipping their heads on the water.  It is also seen that iguanas lick water droplets from leaves or vegetables to drink water; therefore, do not be alarmed if your pet is quenching his thirst this way.  It is important to remember that iguanas do not drink a great deal.  If your pet begins drinking frequently it may be an indicator that the enclosure lacks humidity.  An iguana requires a high level of humidity or it may become dehydrated and this can result in poor health.

Iguana Feeding Times

 The ideal time to feed your pet Albino iguana is early morning, preferably an hour after he/she wakes.  A morning feed allows for eating in the correct temperature; as well as increasing the animal's ability to digest the food successfully.  Continuous feeding during the day but only in small portions to avoid weight gain and physical illness.  It is vital that the iguana is not feed before sleeping time to allow digestion to be performed successfully.  You should feed your iguana every day and at regular hours.

 A pertinent question asked by many iguana owners is how much food is the correct amount?  The answer is, it depends.  The quantity you should feed your pet iguana is completely dependent on the size of the iguana.  The rule of thumb is to base the amount of the quantity the iguana wants to eat and can eat without difficulty.  This method allows you to determine how much food your iguana can consume in a single sitting.

The correct presentation of the food is as important as the food itself.  All feedings for your Albino iguana should be placed on a shallow bowl that is cleaned regularly.  The bowl can be of any sturdy material (glass, ceramic, plastic); the only requirement is that it must be able to hold the iguana's weight and is not easily tipped.  

The final factor to consider when feeding your Albino iguana is the lighting in the enclosure.  Albino iguanas obtain calcium from sunshine which assists in proper digestion of food.  Sufficient light with exposure to sunshine is essential for your pet's health.

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