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How to Complete Pell College Grant Applications for Maximum Benefits

Global competitiveness is putting an overwhelming demand in the workplace. This means that getting a well-paying job means competing with the workers from the rest of the world. Even when Americans are guaranteed priority in top positions in American-owned companies, you still need to get a college degree to be able to handle the rigors and demands of the job. With outsourcing and offshoring being the trends in business, many Americans stand to lose earning opportunities if academic qualifications and skills will not be stepped up through college education.

 It is a reality, however, that the cost of higher education is beyond the financial capabilities of many Americans on welfare and those with income at or below the poverty line. The economic recession just makes matters worse. This is why Pell Grant applications need to be complied with properly because this financial aid from the federal government is one of the soundest opportunities to improve one’s chance to break the cycle of poverty.

What You Must Know about Pell Grant Applications

Pell Grant is a financial award from the federal government that need not be repaid. The eligible recipients are students with a high school diploma and that are US citizens or non-citizens but eligible immigrants. This is intended for the undergraduate students who belong to low-income families. To qualify, you must fill up and submit online a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Pell Grants are based on the financial need of the students. The amount can be maximized ($5,550) if and when FAFSA shows that the student is among the neediest. This means that the family income is below 20,000 (though even a family income of $45,000 is still qualified).  The amount of the grant may range from $400 to $5,550. The amount is based on  the EFC or ‘expected family contribution’ and some other factors like family income, your school attendance costs, your student status (full-time or part-time student), and how long you'll be in school. Much of the information must be found in the FAFSA; this is why completing Pell Grant applications is very critical.

Satisfactorily Completing FAFSA

FAFSA is a very critical tool that you need to complete in order to help Pell Grant evaluators to determine how much financial aid you need. What are some of the important tips to remember when filling FAFSA?

• Don’t rush.

Rushing will make you commit mistakes or forego important details. When doing the computations of your family income, you may need to look for some supporting documents such as bank statements, pay slips, Social Security card, Permanent Resident card, and W-2 forms. Preparing ahead of time can help you complete and review everything before the submission. Early submission also helps get your application get evaluated earlier than the pack that comes before the deadline.

• There are three ways to submit FAFSA.

1) Complete and submit online. This is the most efficient way to get FAFSA done and submitted

2) Download the printable FAFSA, complete it and then mail it the provided address

3) Ask for a form from the Federal Student Aid Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID that you can mail back after completion. 

• There are many tips that you can use to ensure that you can get the maximum allowable grant.

There are several websites that can give you these tips. The best way is still by honestly and completely filling FAFSA.  If you are a veteran or a dependent of a disabled veteran, a single mom or dad, or a teen, you stand a good chance to be looked on more kindly.

College education is very critical in this time of tough global competition. After submitting Pell Grant applications, students only need to wait for their Student Aid Report (SAR) in about 3 weeks. This contains the results and, possibly, your passport to college.

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