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Labor Day Ideas and Activities away from the Crowds

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

As Labor Day approaches, you scramble to think of ideas on how to end the summer days with a bang. Whether you decide to stay at home during the long weekend or be off to the outdoors, here are some Labor Day ideas and activities to help you enjoy the day with a twist.

Head off to the wilderness. Leave the maddening Labor Day crowds behind to feed the soul with a slice of tranquility. Avoid popular recreation areas such as National Parks and Forest Reserves because part of the crowd will be trooping the places. Instead, opt for less crowded but enthralling spots such as wildlife refuges, scenic rivers, panoramic landscapes, and other protected areas. Many of these wild areas are under the care of concerned organizations so you can enjoy a safe stay in any space that fits your fancy.

Have a romance with sunset. If you prefer to stay at home during Labor Day weekend, a sunset picnic at your own backyard is an easy way to commune with nature. Savor the last rays of sunset without wearing thick clothes. Choose a nice place with a vantage view of the open skies. Stare at the fading glow of the setting sun as you nimble on some sandwiches and sip on a glass of wine. To enjoy the last days of summer fully, lounge under a dreamy starry night.

Trace American history. Try out historic parks, conservation areas, and national monuments to uncover amazing artifacts that bespeak of the nation’s great past. Have an up-close encounter with different relics ranging from dinosaur fossils to historic battlefields, and artful masterpieces by known icons. These places are all over the country’s 50 states, each one providing an opportunity to feel the reason why such places deserve national protection and recognition.

Capture a rare Labor Day moment. If you are taking young children to your outdoor escapade, make sure to bring your camera to capture the ways in which they interact with nature. These rare moments will never be duplicated in the future because we are only young once. Don’t miss to document their fun, or even fear being in the great outdoors. If you decide to make this as one of your yearly Labor Day ideas and activities, you can ask the children to make a journal entry to record the event. The things they do and say will be entirely different the next time you make a trip to the place on the following year.

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Play in the giant sandbox. That means the sand dunes. Head off to some places with expansive sand dunes to take advantage of the last summer days. This is one way of beating the crowds and experience a bit of tranquility before launching off to the busy days ahead. Make sure to bring plenty of water and protective gears against the heat and the rough sands.

Stretch a muscle. Take Labor Day as the chance to conquer some great distance trails. You’ve been waiting for a weekend with a nice weather to hike a portion of a legendary trail. Breathe in the air as you scale the mountain in a national forest, and make a stopover to admire the spectacular views. Don’t forget to bring the essentials like basic medical supplies in case you get dizzy trekking through the forest maze.

Be wrapped by the stars. Car camping is an ideal Labor Day activity. However, it is always difficult to find a nice and cozy spot because campgrounds are most likely to be crowded during this time of the year. So, light up a backyard bonfire and gather the family around it to share stories with the stars as your audience. A simple moment like this becomes a lifetime treasure for everyone.

Go fishing. Labor Day weekend is the last opportunity to go out and enjoy the great weather, so why not go fishing. Fishing on Labor Day can be a little tricky due to the crowds. You may be wrestling for boat space instead of owning the whole area. The best way is to locate the least trodden path near a wildlife refuge. Choose an early morning schedule to catch fish. People are scarce, but the fishes are plenty.

Whatever you choose from these Labor Day ideas and activities, make sure to respect nature and wildlife. Don’t leave your footprints behind to keep the place worth coming back for next year.

Try out historic parks, conservation areas, and national monuments to uncover amazing artifacts that bespeak of the nation’s great past.

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