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The Top Five Bodyweight Training Exercises


Have you ever taken a moment to sit back and consider how those guys who use monkey bars have abs?  They're monkey bars, how is it possible for people to become ripped using that playground-esque exercise equipment?  The answer is bodyweight training exercise, and as this training is almost equipment-free it can be used in any situation; for example, at the gym or in your garage at home.  You will be amazed at the effectiveness of these bodyweight exercises for maintaining fitness and muscle.

When entering the gym and each machine or bench is occupied by a stronger, bigger guy; or, arguably worse, the only spot left is opposite the lean guy doing arm curls.  You may be tempted to leave in fear of embarrassing yourself.  Stop, think about it.  You pay the same fees as these men and have a right to use the facilities despite all the gear being used by some knuckleheads.  Instead of waiting for a bench to open, find a corner of the gym where you will be able to do some bodyweight exercises.  Using this type of workout you will soon see weight loss and muscle toning without the need for benches or dumbbells.  

Many people are not aware of the advantages bodyweight training can bring due to the media sensationalizing muscle-bound men holding weights; however, this training uses regression and progression to achieve the same results.  A regression move for hanging leg lifts is by using a planking exercise.  A progression move would perform the same movement but with a ball held between the feet.  

Bench presses are beneficial to weight loss and fitness; however, not all people can complete a traditional bench press because of the pressure it can place on the shoulder.  The person may have shoulder issues from previous physical problems making this exercise difficult or their form is bad without correct equipment.  Instead, a push-up is an effective alternative as it can be performed using different hand positions and from elevated surfaces allowing a range of motion for shoulder muscles.


What Are The Advantages Of Bodyweight Training?

The top benefits of bodyweight training are that it can be performed in any location at any time and is completely free of charge.  The workouts and moves are highly versatile allow movement in various positions.  This variety of position increases movement of the body, improves strength throughout all muscles, and can enhance an individual's reactive strength.


What Are The Top Five Bodyweight Training Exercises?

1. The Push-Up

Push-ups are beneficial in that they not only increase chest, shoulder, and triceps size but can stabilize the lower back and torso.  This exercise can be completed using numerous hand and feet positions from elevated and flat levels.  As push-ups enhance movement through the upper body, they are highly effective as rehabilitative exercises.


2. The Bodyweight Squat

This simple movement is very advantageous and can indicate problems with ankle, hip, or thoracic mobility.  It is also useful as a body conditioning tool in rehabilitation.  By circling the body part against the wall to increase proficiency and technique or as part of a bodyweight circuit, you will develop a complex exercise link.  It is also possible to utilize sprints, zigzag hops, and jumping as a plyometric movement.


3. The Pull-Up

Arguably the most effective mass increasing technique for the back, the pull-up is a versatile exercise that involves gripping an item and pulling oneself up off the ground.  The movement can be further modified for increase effectiveness by varying the grip item (a towel or rope) and altering the liner movement; for example, performing from side to side or with a leg lift.  You could increase the movement with a book bag held between the legs.


4. The Bulgarian Split Squat

This is a popular exercise as it builds muscle and leg strength, as well as improving knee stability with hip strength.  The effectiveness of the split squat can be increased by holding a weight, such as a book bag with some books inside, overhead or out in front at arm's length.  Do not forget that elevating the front leg will increase the extension of the motion range, which is useful for any hip or knee issues.


5. The Ab Roll-Out

The ab roll-out can be described as an advanced modification of the planking exercise.  As with the plank, this movement requires torso rigidity and increase strength for effectiveness.  Unlike the plank, this roll-out technique requires the torso to remain rigid while the upper body engages in movement.  Further advancements can be made to increase effectiveness of the exercise, such as using ab rollers; however, it is also beneficial to use blast straps or monkey bars to imitate movements.

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