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No one likes complications, no matter the type, time or place. When you start taking medication for a disease you expect to get better and not actually decrease your health condition. Unfortunately, many of today’s medications act this way. No matter the brand, branch or amounts of testing, drugs can have serious side effects on the patients’ body and health status. Such medication is Actos. Designet to help diabetes patients, recent studies have shown that this drug increases the risks of developing severe health conditions like bladder cancer, liver damage or heart problems.

Medicine has come a long way since its early days but unfortunately it cannot be perfect or anywhere near perfection. Actos has become one of the most popular type 2 diabetes treatment in the world right after it replaced a similar product by the name of Avandia. This drug was replaced for the same reason Actos is causing so much problems, severe side effects. Because of various medical studies, certain countries have banned the distribution of this drug; however the drug company didn’t cease the product’s distribution saying it is not the drug’s fault.

With over 70,000 cases in 2010 alone, bladder cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States. If you have taken Actos and have experienced painful urination, frequent need to urinate, weight loss, abdominal and lower back pain, blood in urine and even coughing up blood you should immediately contact a doctor. Treatment for bladder cancer is possible and it depends on the stage of the disease when it was detected and the type. Bladder cancer treatments include immunotherapy, chemotherapy and even surgery. Doctors will begin treatment once the patient’s condition is diagnosed by performing blood, urine tests as well as physical examinations.

Since the drug company didn’t show clear warnings of their product’s side effects, patients that have suffered from various Actos side effects may be entitled to receive a large amount of money as compensation in order to cover all their medical care expenses and the pain and suffering they went through all this time. Fighting against big companies is never easy. In order to achieve proper compensation you will need the experience and knowledge of a specialized drug injury attorney. He will know exactly which are the stages in such a cases and what needs to be done and when in order to achieve the best possible results out of your situation.

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