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How to Handle Objections

Have you ever had to handle any network marketing objections from your prospective customers and recruits? The first thing that you should realize is that if you do have some objections from your prospects you should not be concerned because it shows that they are considering your product and that my friend is a good thing. You always want to be receptive to any of the questions that your future prospects ask. After all, I am sure that at one time in your financial life you were in the exact same situation as theyovercoming sales objections are now.

There are different ways that you reassure them that you are interested in their questions and concerns. As the person with all of the answers you never want your prospects to feel as if they are stupid for asking such questions. You never want them to think that you are stretching the truth just to get the sale and never go on the defense which would weaken your position. Always validate their concerns by stating that you understand and that you at one time felt the same way. Not only will that type of approach gain their trust but it will also show them that you are a real person with similar concerns and goals as what they have.

The following are a couple of the most commonly encountered objections that you may hear and what the best way to handle such objections is.

The first one that we will discuss is the objection that is heard most often, I just do not have any money available to get started right now. As with most objections you will need to handle them immediately and in such a way as to overcome the objection in the prospects mind.

You can start off by telling the person that you truly do appreciate his situation. Because of the current downturn in the economy many people are in a very similar situation as you are. However, when you think about the challenges of many people trying to get a secure job is it not wise to join an opportunity that will offer these people a means to getting a regular paycheck once again? How about I show you how you can make enough money in the first month to pay back all of the money that you will invest?

Explain to them that this a "Golden Opportunity" that will only come along maybe once in their lifetime and that there are ways to obtain enough cash so as to get started. Help them to see some of those ways such as selling something that they own or borrowing the money from a family member or friend.

Another popular objection is that they just do not have enough time to do something like this. Once again you want them to understand that you understand and that this was a concern of yours in the beginning also. Help them to appreciate that many of the ones who start up have limited hours and only spend between 10-15 hours per week on their new business.

Relate to them examples of others who started part time and who are still only working part time but who are making a full time wage. There is nothing as impressive as a successful real life story of someone else achieving their goals.

Those are just ways to handle two of the many objections that you may receive.

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