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Labor Day Games for Fun and Entertainment

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Americans annually celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of September. Apart from honoring the contributions of the working class, the day also marks the unofficial end of summer. While some people troop to the streets to attend Labor Day Parades, others choose to spend the day off by retreating to the great outdoors. No matter what the plans are, there are always Labor Day games to add up to the fun and entertainment that the special day brings.

Here are some suggested Labor Day games suitable for adults, children, and for everyone.

  • Professional Chain: The game requires a minimum of eight to a maximum of 20 participants. The aim of the game is to create a link to each profession identified by the players. For example, the first player in the circle chose the profession of a cook. The next player will name a profession close to it, like metallurgist. The players must be able to explain the similarities between each profession. In this case, both cook and metallurgist use fire at high temperatures. The game requires logic and intellectual work. The group decides whether the given similarities are acceptable. At the end of the game, the players are able to realize that there are interesting connections between different types of professions. The game proves that one must never limit his choice of profession because there are also other suitable careers to pursue.
  • Land Raft: This is another game for adults who opted to celebrate Labor Day in a picnic ground or forest park. The objective of the game is to construct a raft by gathering materials that will enable them to get to and from imaginary banks. Players must use their skills in finding interesting materials from nature to build the raft. As they do so, the players are given the opportunity to admire the surroundings, relax, and at the same time to feel how it is to be like children once again.
  • Sing-along Game: If Labor Day is to be celebrated out in the open, don’t forget to bring a guitar, CD player, or a karaoke machine. All celebrations call for some music with all the singing and dancing. In this game, participants are formed in a circle and divided into two competing groups. The players must think of a song that is relevant to Labor Day and must be able to sing a portion of the song. The other team is expected to respond with another song. The game can produce several thematic songs to be performed by the participants. What a way to discover each other’s talent!
have fun on your off days

  • Labor Day Bubbles: If there are children in the group, think of ways how to entertain them. Children are not expected to join complicated adult games thus there must be some ways to prepare their fun activities. Children love bubbles so make sure to purchase the materials needed in producing plenty of bubbles. Young kids will be tiring themselves running around to burst the soap bubbles. Capture the kids’ delightful faces by having someone take pictures of the many images of happiness.
  • Kite Flying: Both adults and children can play this game together in the park and any open space. Launch a kite in the sky and be amazed at how the flying toy soar and dance up in the sky. Adults and children can have a wonderful time pulling the string to control the kite and maneuver its direction as it plays with the wind.
  • Flying Saucer: Both parents and children can take advantage of Labor Day celebration by playing flying saucer outdoors. Now is the time to enjoy the game without quarrelling and breaking things.
  • Play with Imagination: To have a meaningful celebration of Labor Day, let Labor Day games for children educate them on the different professions to inspire them in choosing their future career. Parents can bring along toy instruments used by doctors, cooks, hairdressers, engineers, mechanics, etc. The objective of the game is to allow children to use their imagination in acting out different professions. Beforehand, ask the children what particular professions are most interesting to them to be able to purchase the appropriate toy instruments.

Labor Day is a special day off for Americans. It is the last long weekend of summer and the last chance to have feasts and festivities. Whether the group chooses to celebrate the day at the street, backyard, park, or beach, these Labor Day games can surely add to the spirit of fun during the occasion.

If Labor Day is to be celebrated out in the open, don’t forget to bring a guitar, CD player, or a karaoke machine.

playing the guitar is cool

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