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Labor Day Party Ideas for Your Hardworking Friends

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Labor Day weekend is not only a celebration in honor of the country’s workforce. It is also a final celebration of the last days of summer, taking advantage of the nice weather to gather family and friends. What can be a nicer way than to throw a party with oodles of food, fun, and entertainment?

The traditional Labor Day party is always held with a cookout. This has become a yearly family get-together that members cannot afford to miss. Being a cookout that falls on Labor Day makes it doubly special to bring out the decorative skills in you.

Here are some Labor Day party ideas to make the party relevant to the holiday and become a happy occasion worth remembering by your family and friends for many years to come.

  • Party Decorations – Putting trimmings all over the party area is a way of bringing in all the festive spirit of the holiday. Any fitting decoration makes it more inviting and helps the guests in thinking that the event is a well-planned and organized activity. The whole family can join in putting up decorations dominated by the national colors of red, white, and blue. Hang paper streamers in the porch or patio area. Use tablecloths with checkered patterns, combined with colorful paper napkins, cups, and plates. Hang small flaglets around the party area.
  • Food Counter – Position the buffet table under a huge streamer with balloons strung around it. Make the table functional yet full of practical fun. Place the napkins, plastic utensils, and straws in colored buckets. Fill another large bucket with ice and thrown in varieties of refreshments for kids to enjoy. Add small flags inside the buckets for a holiday pizzazz.
labor day can be fun

  • Flower Arrangements – No party is ever complete without saying it with flowers. To synchronize with Labor Day party ideas use end of the season flowers such as carnations, daisies, and sunflowers to bedeck the tables and food counter. Arrange flowers into ball shape by inserting stems into floral foams, and set them on a secured vase at the center of each table. The kids can also be taught how to make daisy garlands to be hung around the party area.
  • Patriotic Decors – What can be a better way to show patriotism than to fly a flag in the yard for everyone to see? However, even in the absence of a flag, there are varieties of ways to show nationalism through other decorative items. Buntings along the porch or in-between trees give the house frontage a dressed-up flair. The balloons by the streamer and at the corners of the porch are enough giveaways of the special occasion being celebrated during the day.
  • Party to Relax – Fill the area with hammocks, comfortable lounge chairs, huge pillows, and foldable cots. After the sumptuous meals, invite the guests to a relaxing lull by showing them what you prepared to make them truly enjoy their day off from work. As the last rays of the summer sun fades in the horizon, light up tiki torches, raindrop lights, or votive candles in colored glasses to rival the flickering lights of the stars above. Don’t forget to scatter scents of essential oils, not only to repel night insects away, but also as a relaxant to all the guests’ senses.

Labor Day is a day for dual celebration. However, it is not just a day to pay tribute to the industrious working class, but it’s also a day off for those workers to have fun and be filled. A cookout is a simple, but perfect way to give a toast to those hard-working family and friends. Surely, they’ll enjoy it more if you can impress them with these cute and patriotic Labor Day party ideas put together to honor the workers’ contributions.

Use end of the season flowers such as carnations, daisies, and sunflowers to bedeck the tables and food counter.

flowers are beautiful

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