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How To Keep A Blog Fresh And Informative

Content is king. Good content is what keeps a blog successful. In the end it always comes down to what you are writing about and the subjects you choose. The really good bloggers know that the content they provide is what brings the readers back again and again. Here we will present a few ideas as to how you can keep the blog content fresh, regularly read and well respected.

Commenting Makes Your Site Interesting

It would be unusual for a blogger not to want feedback from his readers and to hear what they have to say about his or her blog. So it is normal for a writer to interact with his audience and to engage them in a conversation. Of course, the number of comments depends alot on the traffic that is being generated. Especially at the beginning make sure to regularly interact with your readers and appreciate the comments, good or bad. If they feel read and appreciated they will come back.

Never forget that copyright laws apply to you as well when you post content. Whenever you quote someone, be sure to cite the source and whenever possible link back, be it a book or another blog. It's considered good blogging etiquette -- and it's the law.

Using names is an important element. Names stick. Recent studies have suggested that 42% of search engines pick up on names more than on anything else. One element in generating traffic is to use brand names, products and company names to get more attention.

It's not just about quality, it's also about quantity. All good bloggers will have not just quality content, but also lots of it. That doesn't mean that you should spin and generate a lot of random posts so that it looks like you have a lot of information. Keep it real and concise.

Be Relevant In Your Content

Some may feel its good to write a post one week and then post it the following week, but keeping the posts more current is a good idea to maintain interest. Nobody wants to read old news. If you don't have time to update and maintain a blog regularly, choose a niche subject that has no expiration date.

It's good to establish a standard for yourself and your commenters. Make it clear what type of subjects or language are or aren't tolerated in posts or comments.

Don't lead your readers away from your blog with too many link in the same direction. Sometimes you may run out of ideas and take a few from another blog and linking back to that one. But that could cause that your readers end up reading the other blog instead. Better switch sources or don't post at all as opposed to risking losing your readers to someone else.

Nobody ever claimed that blogging is easy. Keeping the content up-to-date, informative and useful is a day to day challenge and could leave you burned out after a while. To be able to keep it up use the above ideas so that your blog can survive and move above the competition.

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