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How To Keep Your Audience Attentive During Public Speeches

Whatever the occasion may be: awarding ceremonies, conventions, alumni homecoming, fund raising events, graduation, weddings, etc., guest speakers are customarily invited. Guest speakers are normally selected according to their achievements and reputation, so as to make the gathering a memorable one.

In order to leave a lasting impression in the eyes of the audience, a speaker must use techniques and methods to keep the audience?s attention to him. Here are some tips in order for you to do that:

Tip: See a career counselor. Even if you have a job, it doesn't hurt to stop into a career center and talk to a counselor about your goals and where you would eventually like to end up in your career.

* Always speak in an enthusiastic tone and never fail to keep your voice clear. Try not to stutter with your speech or eat the words in between.
* Be sure that the speech you make is in line with the objective of the event and should touch issues relevant only to the occasion.
* A lot of speakers prefer a list of subjects they want to discuss instead of preparing and rehearsing the whole speech word for word. A spontaneous speech aligned on the outlined subjects is delivered more naturally.
* To keep the audience?s attention, infuse humor into your speech. But, keep them at a minimum so that you don?t unintentionally embarrass others or yourself.
* The best way to express a point is by citing examples. Associate the examples clearly to make the audience understand better.
* If you are ked to deliver a speech in a gathering that has been organized to save an industry, try and deliver an encouraging speech. To shift the mood from depressing to enthusiastic, include some inspirational words or quotes that will show optimism.
* If you plan to have audience participation, keep it a minimum since your speech may turn out into a discussion.
* Always be detailed and realistic with your forecast about the industry five or ten years from now on. If call for hard work is needed, tell them.
* The best way to wrap up your speech is by leaving a meaningful message for the audience to ink about.

To make the audience remember you even long after a long public speech has been made, say meaningful things that will be a source of food for the audience?s brain.

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