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A Step By Step Guide To DIY Gas Boiler Maintenance

By Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones

Gas boiler maintenance does not have to be difficult or expensive. With these simple do it yourself tips, you can learn how to do simple maintenance on your gas boiler to save you both time and money. Continue reading to find out how to perform maintenance on your gas boiler.

Begin by examining your unit's vent pipes. Most vent pipes are metal, so check for rust both inside and outside of the pipes. If there is rust, replace that portion of the vent to increase efficiency. Additionally, check to ensure that there are no blockages in the vent pipes. Blockages generally occur when birds build nests in the pipes during the summer months. Finally, check the connections to ensure that all connecting pipes are connected firmly. If you find any loose connections, use pipe clamps to tighten the connections.

When examining the interior of your vent pipes, clean the interior of your pipes using a vacuum cleaner. Attach an extension wand to your vacuum cleaner and vacuum out each pipe. This will remove dust and debris from the pipes which will improve your home's air quality and energy efficiency. Additionally, removing dust and debris will help protect against fires in the pipes.

Next, check the circulator pump and the unit's motor. Ensure that all parts move freely. If there appears to be any resistance in the parts, consider replacing them before cold weather sets in. Replacing them at the beginning of the heating system will help ensure that your unit will not fail during the coldest months of the years.

Look after your equipment and your equipment will look after you.

Consider replacing your old thermostat with a new digital thermostat. This can easily be accomplished by a homeowner on a weekend. The newest thermostats offer programmable timers to help save on heating bills. These units allow you to lower your home's temperature when no one will be home. Then, one hour before your family is set to arrive home, have your thermostat increase the temperature up to a comfortable level. This simple technique can save you as much as 25 percent on your utility costs.

If your gas boiler utilizes manual air vents, consider replacing them with the newer automatic air vents. These automatic vents improve your gas boiler's efficiency and performance. Additionally, installing automatic air vents will save money on your utility bills making them a perfect improvement when performing gas boiler maintenance.

Finally, check to ensure that your carbon monoxide monitors are working properly. Change the batteries in the unit at the beginning of the season, as well as every three months. Test each carbon monoxide monitor monthly to protect your family. If any monitor does not seem to be working properly, replace it immediately.

The tips located above will help ensure that your gas boiler keeps running efficiently. Use the tips and techniques listed above to perform gas boiler maintenance. Before cool weather hits, do the maintenance to make sure your family stays warm during the winter months.

Consider replacing your old thermostat with a new digital thermostat. This can easily be accomplished by a homeowner on a weekend.

Newer thermostats work better.

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