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Losing Weight With Zumba

Since it offers a unique approach to losing weight, Zumba has become very popular. With only two or three workouts each week, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have shed their pounds for good. However, to get the optimum results from a Zumba work out, there are some guidelines that you should follow. This fun and exciting way to lose weight and fat is something you should definitely check out. 

I read a page about a woman called Ericka who made a real go of losing weight with Zumba - around 50lbs (23Kg). I'd like to share it with you! Ericka's Zumba weight loss adventure!

Doing It The Zumba Way

What makes it so dynamic, creative, and exciting as a fitness program is the way it fuses Latin music with international stylings. Its goal is the tone and sculpt the entire body using both slow and fast movements that come from routines that focus on fitness and aerobic interval training. In order to help you boost your caloric and fat burn, Zumba is focused on interval training. There are also resistance training principles involved as well. Your whole body is toned with a focus on the arms, abs, legs, and glutes. Since this workout gets your heart rate up, it is good for your cardiovascular system as well.

Zumba mixes both body sculpting movements and dance movements that have a focus on being easy to follow. These movements include salsa, merengue, mambo, cumbia, and flamenco. You will occasionally find hip hop and belly dance movements as well. Incorporating movements such as hip swiveling, arm swinging, and toe tapping, you will be sure to move around a lot and thus burn more calories. The best part about Zumba is that it never feels like exercising. The one hour sessions are more like a party. This is what keeps people coming back for more.

The biggest advantage of Zumba when used as a weight loss regimen, is that the workout does not require that much. You don't have to have any background in dance. You are also encouraged to wear any comfortable and loose clothing that you want. Its purpose is to make fitness fun again. With no age requirements, teenagers, sedentary adults, and even the fit elderly can come and burn those extra calories in a fun atmosphere. For those who can't move around very well or are in wheelchairs, Zumba Gold is available.

Classes usually last about an hour. Your instructor is also a choreographer who will personalize their routine. However they do attend workshops and join forums in order to not only hone their craft but to give you the best workout possible as well. It's believed that a single session of Zumba can help you burn a minimum of 450 calories. This means that you only have to work out about two or three times a week in order to get the results that you want.

The Ideal Workout

Why is Zumba ideal for those wanting to lose weight? Because it takes away the common roadblocks such as having difficulty moving, slow results, and boredom. Results begin to appear after about two weeks, depending on your diet and how intense your workout is. The music that is provided is made to entertain you throughout your workout. This will make you more consistent in your fitness routine.

Talk to someone who regularly attend a Zumba class, and they will tell you that they hate having to miss a class because it's so much fun and helps them stay healthy. Best of all, Zumba is affordable. Whether you register beforehand go to a trial session, you're sure to have a great time. Check your local listings to find out who is offering Zumba classes today.

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