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How can I make money from a websitepeople making money online

We are currently in the golden age of the internet, and this is very fortunate. It is possible make money off of almost any website using a multitude of services, mostly ad based, that can turn your hobby into a nice side earner.


This is a very broad topic and i could even being to cover all aspects of making money with websites here but there are other fantastic guides available around this site that will help you to generate some cash. If you are blogging, please feel free to refer to the “How to make money with a blog”, it will contain more in depth, targeted information in regards to blogging.


Below are some of the, in my opinion, best ways to make some cash using your website.



This is likely to be the first point on any guide to making cash online. The adsense platform provides a tailored ad service that serves two purposes: Driving traffic and generating revenue. Not only does having adsense enabled on your site allow you to make money from your current viewer, it also greatly improves your listing position on major search engines. In turn, this helps to generate even more revenue.


Setting up an adsense account is simple, navigate to to start setting up your account for use on your website. Once signed up you have access to the fantastic adsense platform that allows you edit the kind of adverts appearing on your website and gives you in depth analytics on the ads currently being served and an overview of your websites performance.


There are thousands of in depth guides to setting up adsense correctly, finding a good one to follow will mean that you are all set and ready to go. If you are having troubles, googles excellent customer support will answer any questions you may have and will go out of their way to help you out.



Partnerships and affiliate programs are, in some ways, similar to using a platform like adsense. They do, however, have one main difference. When in an affiliate program your partner website will provide you with the adverts they wish to display, and will pay you a percentage of the revenue generated by each click.


In some cases payout rates can be higher than standard ad serving platforms, due to the target and direct nature of the programs. Affiliation can be a bit more tricky to set up as it requires you to find a suitable provider to set up with. Usually a partner will provide you with an API that allows you to interface your conversion rate, impressions, clicks and a whole host of other statistics (just like adsense).


Affiliate programs also have the added bonus of working together, this means that you link to them, and they link back to you. Helping you both to generate traffic. Although this is a fantastic way to get more views, it can also mean that you sacrifice earnings. It may be a good idea to use this kind of affiliate partnership alongside an ad serving platform such as adsense.


Partnerships can also be a great way to get support. Working together in a network you are able to advertise each others websites fairly and evenly. Generally it is in the best interest of all partners to help eachother out where possible, and should you run in to technical issues you can resolve them with the support of your partners.


There are also networks that specialise in providing ‘one off’ adverts that you can cherry pick to display on your site. They are managed via a portal and provide in depth statistics. Sites such as ‘Adwork Media’ provide this service and can help you to tailor your site experience exactly how you want it.



If your website has the potential for ‘VIP’ content is is possible to create a subscription system that will allow users to pay monthly for access to special features. Offering an incentive is a great way to keep visitors engaged and willing to pay your subscription fees. It can take a bit of extra work on your behalf but it is often worth the effort of the initial setup as subscriptions can be surprisingly lucrative.


This is commonplace in forums and can really help to create a community with a strong following. Setting up a subscription service can be a tricky task and it is best to do a lot of research before picking the right service for you.


I hope that some of these points will help you to monetise your site in a way that perfectly suits your needs. Keep an eye out for more posts on this topic and do not hesitate to get started right away. You could very well be sitting on top of a goldmine.

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