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How To Make Money From Stock Photography Sites

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Photographs were rarely used in business marketing or advertising until quite late in the 20th century. But today, photos are very in demand in almost all kinds of businesses. In fact, there’s very little chance that you’d come across an advertisement without a photograph accompanying it. If you’re a shutterbug who wants to make a profitable online business, stock photography is very highly recommended. If you have a passion for photography, can take interesting, one-of-a-kind photos, have a computer with fast Internet connection, and a digital camera, then stock photography can be a very achievable, fun endeavor for you.

Stock photography refers to licensed, paid-for photographs that can be used for public or business use. These are photos that can be bought and utilized for any purpose in marketing, advertising, or design, as long as it is not illegal. Many advertising companies, web designers, graphic designers, and other professionals usually buy stock photography products to satisfy their design needs. More often than not, they do this in order to cut short on their expenses. Instead of hiring a professional photographer, some companies and businesses visit stock photography sites and buy those images that meet their goals.

Stock photography can be a very profitable business for one who has the time and dedication to produce unique images and snapshots. But, what makes stock photography so profitable? For one, marketers are always on the lookout for new pictures to add to their products or services. Today, nearly all advertisements require a photo because it has been proven many times that a customer is more likely to buy a photographed product than those which are not. Second, most website owners want their pages to have a fresh new look every now and then. They do this by putting new images on their websites. And lastly, stock photography sites and companies are always aiming to expand their portfolio so their customers can have a lot to choose from. Now, if you wish to supplement your current income by selling reproduction rights to stock photography sites and companies, just read on.

Before you can sell your images, first you have to find and sign up with a stock photography company. Some of the most popular stock photography sites include iStockphotos, BigStockPhoto, and Shutterpoint. Afterwards, try to create a unique, compelling portfolio of your work. Then, submit at least three razor sharp sample images of any interesting object. Aside from sharpness, take note of your images’ lighting, colors, saturation, exposure, and captions. Unless you submit an exciting, unique, and interesting shot of an unusual subject, expect an instant rejection of your work.

the right images make all the difference

If you have a good background on Web designing, you can also create your own stock photography website. Although this can take time and effort to really work, this option can enhance your customer base after some time. Once your stock photo website is established, be sure to build up your portfolio to make stock photo companies constantly buy your creations.

It’s very important that you try to offer images covering many subjects. This does not mean though that you have to be all things to all customers. To diversify means to at least specialize in five categories so you can, in general, meet photo buyers' needs. If you photograph only flowers, you will severely limit the possibilities of your portfolio. Try to take pictures of people, landscapes, animals, and other random stuff. If you find this quite difficult at first though, then try to shoot one particular style of stock images and become really good at what you do. Trying to be good at random mix is often difficult, but will get better as you gain experience along the way.

The possible profits for selling images on stock photography sites or through your own stock photo site is almost endless. Your earnings will basically depend on how many snapshots you make per day, and the type of pictures and themes that you create. If you are thinking about selling stock as an amateur photographer, however, you might be frustrated at first. Many stock photography sites have very high standards, and you may need to brush up on your photography skills before you start seeing success.

Before you can sell your images, first you have to find and sign up with a stock photography company.

find the right partner, as in any business

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