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Making money by blogging in Hindi


Making money from a Hindi blog is, in many ways, similar to making money with a Standard English blog. With an increasing amount of the Asian population getting access to the internet, starting a popular blog in Hindi can help to draw in a specific set of visitors. The topics on a blog in Hindi can vary greatly from those in English, and so can the way you monetise. In this article, I am going to tell you some of the main differences and how to really capitalise of those differences.hindi woman blogging

It is important to note that blogs in Hindi can take a long time to attract a loyal following. This means that you will not be earning large amounts of cash right away, unless you really push the advertising, but it is possible to still earn some extra income. That being said, with a little bit of dedication (and some knowhow) you can really push the Indian markets and make a healthy profit. The key is to post quality content that Hindi readers want to see, posting a lot of low quality, high volume posts, readers and not going to want to follow your blog. It is a good idea to spend a few hours on blog maintenance every week, keeping your content clean and doing things like correctly sorting categories.

Here are some ways to make money using your Hindi blog, these tips are just guidelines and your experience may vary widely.

Affiliate programs

Just like a standard blog, Affiliate programs are an excellent way to monetise your blog. There are, however, a few subtle differences. When choosing an affiliate partner, there are companies that specialise in a Hindi market (such as: that offer excellent affiliate programs. Targeting the limited Hindi market can be challenging, but very rewarding. Often, if your content is high quality and worth reading you will gain a lot of traction early on and develop a loyal following.

Using sites like astrocamp can help to pull in visitors as most major search engines, still, incorrectly index Hindi sites.


Under normal circumstances, for an English language blog, I would say that this is probably the best way to earn some cash. The problem is, however, that AdSense has an ongoing problem where it will simply serve very poor ads. A lot of the time the adverts will be in the wrong language (mainly English, when it should be Hindi), in some cases this is not a problem due to English being widespread, but it does mean that it will not help your rankings on search engine results. This can do the reverse of what is intended and actually hurt your visitor count. That being said, it is still worth investigating your options as AdSense remains the market leading advert provider.

Paid Subscriptions

Paid Subscriptions can be a fantastic alternative to continuity programs. A paid subscription service means that you will get paid every month, regularly, as long as you keep producing content that people want to read. For just a small fee readers can choose to subscribe, thus meaning you get paid no matter the content. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should just build up a large user base and then stop producing high quality content. This will result in cancelled subscriptions and may avert traffic from your site.


Writing and selling, or just reselling, EBooks can be a fantastic way to make some cash. If you have any knowledge on a certain topic, try your hand at writing and eBook about it. There are many guides that will teach you how to format your book correctly and even teach you how to sell it. Websites like are dedicated to selling digital content and they can serve as a versatile platform to host your eBook (dealing with sales, hosting and distribution in one place).

Writing your own eBooks is not the only way to make some money using eBook either, though. It is possible to buy the right to eBooks and resell them, or you can work through an affiliate program and sell somebody else’s, acting as a middle man, and taking a cut of the profit.

This brings us to our final segment:

The conclusion. There are so many more ways of making money using your blog that I can not even begin to cover in depth here. Take the time to research your options before you commit to anything and make sure you are getting the most of your site. If you find that an option you picked is not working the way you hoped, try switching. It will never hurt to be active about the methods you use, experiment and make sure you find a solution that suits you perfectly.

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