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Persuasive Agritourism Marketing Through Effective Communication

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

You’re new in the agritourism business but had quite a good volume of visitors for the past couple of years of operation. Mostly, visitors heard about the farm by word-of-mouth and from repeat customers. Guests like the laid-back atmosphere of the guesthouse and the food has drawn a steady stream of customers, even the locals, for lunch and dinner. Slightly off the highway, it offers accessibility as well as privacy. With new activities and facilities, it looks like it is time to share the good agritourism news.

When you decide on this, however, keep in mind some pointers received from the tourism bureau and operators who have been in the business for a good number of years. It is also good to listen to well-meaning customers whose suggestions can be used when building your business.

the country-side is often very beautiful

Target your clients. Perusing the list of clients, you found you cater to all ages- young couples with toddlers, the middle-aged, and the elderly. A day care center has been added which surely would be much welcome by young couples who shall now be able to participate in the events. The barn, which keeps the horses and where the cowboy’s hangout has now a segregated area with firefighter poles that children and teenagers, would likely be crazy about.

Blow your horn. Tell your clients about what is happening in the farm and anything new you are offering. Communicate to them at least twice a year. Direct them to your website that you have to update regularly; include feedback from clients. Don’t forget to tend your own backyard – neighboring farms, local business establishments, agriculture agency, tourism bureau, and commerce councils. They can be your advertisers for agritourism news.

Value your service. If you wish to stay long in the business, know how to charge so your place shall be stable and viable. Develop your ‘high-end’ market. A satisfied customer won’t mind paying a bit more for quality and reliable service. On the other end, develop a program, say for disadvantaged children, whom you will host for free once a year or so. For this kind of event, start developing your connections with the local Red Cross chapter, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who can be your partners, thus the responsibility of running the event is spread out. In fact, you can even invite your ‘high-end’ clients to be a sponsor for some events and programs like this.

Inform as you go. Be ready with your fliers and brochures when you go to town and give to offices, restaurants, gasoline stations, and wherever people congregate. Offer a free tour of the farm, to some groups, say the trade people, serving sandwiches and juices and giving some ‘take home’ produce. Agriturismo in the vineyards and wine making regions of Chianti, Italy are known to give visitors a wine-tasting tour. This is a great way to build your circle of supporters and advertisers.

There are many ways of marketing one’s farm through agritourism news. You don’t want to rush into advertising, which can be expensive. Start small and go slow. Know your market niche better. Visit other establishments like yours, read their brochures, and learn from them. Send news and stories to newspapers. If you think you can finally swing it, encourage your clients to share their stories and put them in your website to lend a personal touch.

Confident that you have an agritourism destination you can be proud of, invite writers with good readership to come to your farm or have a taste of what you can offer travelers and vacationists out to have a good and relaxing time. As they say, ‘words travel fast.’ Just how fast it does, you’ll know soon enough.

There are many ways of marketing one’s farm through agritourism news. You don’t want to rush into advertising, which can be expensive. Start small and go slow.

ducks are fun

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