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Basic Dog Training Tips

By Andrew Wilson

Dogs have the natural desire to please their human masters. However, their inherent animal qualities inhibit them to understand the human nature and without the proper house training they cannot be expected to obey even the most basic command. 

A proper training method enables the master to communicate with the dog and establishes a special bond between the superior owner and the subordinate pet. Dogs are by nature communal animals that thrive in packs and have high regard for social hierarchy. Using this dominant characteristic, a master can easily establish himself as the alpha leader if the following dog training tips are applied.

Establishing a Territory

The first step to have successful house training is to locate a specific area for the dog to sleep, eat and play. At the outset, there is the need to stay with the dog in the designated spot to establish a routine. Be consistent in giving commands and in allowing the dog to do certain acts in a particular place, like playing can be done only in the garage or eating must be strictly in a designated corner in the kitchen. The dog must have a special bed to sleep or lie on in another part of the house. Initially, the pet may soil in the sleeping den, but as soon as it gets used to the place, the animal is inclined to avoid eliminating on it. Once the dog is trained to sleep on its special bed, the master can transfer the bed to different places in the house to reinforce the habit of having the dog confined to its bed wherever it may be located.

Toilet Training

After establishing special areas where the dog can perform certain acts, the next thing to do is to form the dog’s toilet habits. It is also important to establish a specific place as the dog’s toilet area that can be easily accessible every time the pet needs to relieve itself. Develop a routine when to bring the dog to its toilet spot and make sure to accompany the animal to give praising words or a pat every time it soils in the right spot or ignore it if it fails to go properly. Do not tolerate accidental soiling in the wrong place because it may become a hard habit to break.

To make toilet training easier, develop a feeding schedule to predict the right time when the dog needs to empty out. Knowing the time when the pet has to relieve itself is extremely important because it is also the time to bring the animal to the toilet area or take it outside. Normally, an adult dog is able to hold its bladder and bowels for straight eight hours. When the time comes to relieve itself, it is important to release the dog from any confinement to allow its movement so that it can freely go to the designated toilet area. If this is not made possible, the dog may not be able to control for long and may be forced to soil in any spot. This may confuse the dog and may cause difficulties in housetraining it.

When the dog is already accustomed to the toilet area, the master may consider extending its territorial range to the other parts of the house. This can be done by allowing the pet into the rest of the house when there is no longer the possibility of emptying itself during the time. Be sure to stay and supervised the dog’s behavior. Toilet training can be strengthened by giving rewards or praises every time the dog practices the proper toilet habits. Avoid reprimanding or punishing the dog for accidental soiling as this may protract down the training process.

Training a dog requires a trainer who is consistent and patient. Dogs can be easily trained especially when training starts while they are still puppies. However, dog training can be done regardless of what the age is. The key lies on knowing how to adapt to the dog’s instinct and tendencies. When supervised correctly, a dog’s natural characteristics can be tamed to suit human standards, making both master and pet wiggle with delight. 

When supervised correctly, a dog’s natural characteristics can be tamed to suit human standards, making both master and pet wiggle with delight.

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