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Tips for Starting a Milk Tea Business

By Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who absolutely love to sip the perfect blend of milk and tea, which is now commonly called as milk tea. Milk tea is a mixture of different tea varieties, milk and essential flavoring that can be served as hot or cold preparations. The popularity of milk can be traced back into early times yet the increase in its demand among consumers has recently led to opportunities to start one's own milk tea business. Are you interested? Here are some ways about how you can go about opening your own milk tea business.

Milk Tea Ventures: Guidelines in Starting-up Business

  1. Know what varieties of tea that you want to sell at your milk teashop. These include herbal tea, green tea, chai tea, oolong tea, white tea, and/or black tea. Also determine what type of milk to be your shop will be using, these can either be non-fat, skim milk, condensed milk and such. In addition, decide what kinds of milk tea preparations you will be serving whether hot milk tea, cold milk tea or both.
  2. Manage to come-up with a business plan that describes you milk tea product line, market analysis of actual and possible competitors, estimated total project of the business, forecasted income and do not forget to plan ways on how you will handle the milk tea shop. Make sure to make a realistic business plan.
  3. Purchase and invest in the essential milk tea equipments and supplies that include tables, chairs, cash register, storage for the supplies, blender, shaker, glass, brewing supplies and etc.
  4. Look for a good source, distributors or wholesale retailers that can fill necessary orders such as tea, milk and other essential ingredients. Make sure to find more than 2 distributors or wholesale retailer in case your primary supplier runs out of supplies.
  5. Personally research and study areas that are suitable for your milk tea business. An excellent shop for milk tea must be located in downtown areas or places where there is heavy foot traffic. The more number of individuals pass by a specific place, the higher the chance to earn more profit. Studies show that a shop that is located in a busy location results in good sales. Seven out of 10 individuals are enticed to try the product they see.
tea is great for relaxation
  1. Good businesses are those businesses that are properly registered and that follow essential certification procedures. Make sure to attain all the necessary certification or licenses required in your area.
  2. The success of the business also lies in the employees. Hire and train employees that have good communication skills, offer excellent customer service and can manage to handle stressful situations aside from making and serving your standard milk tea products.
  3. The fastest way to capture the heart of milk tea lovers and potential customers is through advertising. Design simple yet catchy fliers that contain the name, location and the date and time the shop will be formally open. Do not forget to advertise what kind of milk tea products you are going to sell in your business. Milk tea is all about being a healthy drink; make sure to write healthy fun facts about milk tea that will be included on your fliers. Post or distribute fliers in different restaurants, libraries, college campuses, shopping malls, local coffee shops and grocery stores.
  4. Another fast way to promote your business is by visiting and promoting through online social media advertising, it is easily recognized by many individuals that love milk tea.
  5. Give a free taste event to let the consumers taste your milk tea products; place these on small disposable cups. In addition, handle coupons that contain good deals of discounts or freebies to encourage and attract consumers to buy your milk tea.

Milk tea is an interesting business venture that can be successful when done correctly. This is the reason why, if you are interested in the milk tea business, discussed above are 10 ways on how to start business in the milk tea industry.

Know what varieties of tea that you want to sell at your milk teashop. These include herbal tea, green tea, chai tea, oolong tea, white tea, and/or black tea.

you have to know your tea

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