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How to Teach Phonics To Children Using Songs

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Is there a fun way to teach phonics songs to young children? Of course there is! One way to include phonics in the child's daily activities is simply to talk with them. Playing games with your child such as saying a word and then acting it out is fun for you and the child and can help the child learn more effectively. Playing rhyming games or reading nursery rhymes together is also one of the many activities that will help the child learn about the sounds of words and letters. Creative parents and teachers will never run out on ideas on how to teach phonics through songs to children.

Learning ABCs with Your Child

Singing the alphabet song together with your child while pointing to each letter in a book or on a flash card is a fun way to help a child recognize what the letters look like. Another great way is the use of puzzles and games that show the alphabet along with pictures of words that start with that letter.

You can also play verbal games with your child such as clearly pronouncing several words that start with a particular letter and letting them guess what letter the word starts with. The nice part about verbal games is that these can be played anywhere and anytime – in the grocery store, while driving in the car, or walking in the park. Children love these types of games especially when you make these a part of your daily routine; repetition is an effective strategy instead of structured learning.

Introduction to More Advanced Phonics

When a child shows a good grasp of what the individual letters sound and look like, another fun learning activity is to read together from a storybook and sound out the words slowly but surely. This is the time to introduce the child to more advanced phonics like the concept of short and long vowel sounds and consonant blends such as “sh” and “ch” sounds. It is also a great idea if the concept is incorporated through phonics songs because the child is able to learn and absorb more in a relaxed environment.

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The Pivotal Role of Music in Phonics

When the child is now ready for school, he or she is exposed to pupils of the same age coming from different backgrounds with varying levels of progress. The child learns to adjust and work in activities such as figuring out puzzles with the other kids in the class and playing games with them. The teacher can now introduce songs and chants using phonics lessons thru repetition. When teachers teach phonics through songs, it brings about long-term benefits and consequences. The child will learn phonics even before he learns to speak. He learns to remember concepts and sounds he learned at home which carry over in the classroom.

A Proven Method For Learning Phonics

Time and again researches indicate that school children learn faster and memorize better if they sing along whether at home or in school. It has been proven that music is a great tool in that it enables to stimulate a child's senses. For example, listening to educational songs and nursery rhymes in school can enhance counting and word formation. It also enhances memory. This encourages them to have a fun way of learning. Finger play using puppets develop their creative skills and in this way, pupils are encouraged to try out new things on their own.

Enhancing Memory or Retention

Teachers of preschool also play a critical role in developing children's memories by reintroducing them to toys, tools, and activities. Using these specific experiences, children are being taught how to remember past things so their memories can be honed. Teachers must incorporate play with learning to satisfy the kids' natural curiosity so that this improves along with their emotional and physical development.

There are many ways to teach phonics to young children; using music is one of them. For one thing, when parents teach phonics through songs, it is both relaxing and fun. It brings about a beautiful learning experience that just keeps the child going.

Another fun learning activity is to read together from a storybook and sound out the words slowly but surely.

teaching children is very rewarding

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