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Essential Dog Training Tips for Dog Owners

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Anyone who has owned a dog for some time can readily assert the importance of dog training. If you are a new dog owner, you are most likely to believe this declaration once the pet starts misbehaving and relieves itself in every place it goes to. You can either pay for a dog trainer or train the dog by yourself. If the last option is to train the dog yourself, you need to be guided by dog training tips provided by the experts in the field.

The process of training a dog requires time and patience. Appoint a particular time of the day to conduct the training to establish a routine. It may take a few hours of your schedule so allot enough time to spend for the activity. Before proceeding with the actual training process, make sure to abide by the dog training tips completely as reference to the challenging task of educating your dog.

Crate Training

A crate is a special designated place, which the dog can claim as his own territorial space. Crate training is an effective way to train either a young puppy or an adult dog. Dogs generally are not wont to soil the place where they rest or sleep especially if they are allowed to relieve themselves elsewhere. Confining the dog to its crate can develop its ability to control its tendency to empty itself unless the time has come to bring the pet outside. Avoid reprimanding the dog while in its crate since it can associate the place with something negative instead use the crate as a pleasant space for the dog to stay.

Showing who is the Boss

One of the most important dog training tips is to establish who is in charge and who gives the command. Dog training is not all about telling the dog what to do. In reality, dogs cannot understand the most basic command unless you show a particular characteristic that can identify you as the leader. By nature, dogs thrive in packs that recognize an alpha figure. If you demonstrate a firmer stance, your dog can readily submit to your commands and easily identify you as the boss.

As the boss, you can use positive enforcement or the reward system. Recognize the dog’s achievement by giving praise or treats. Dogs can be expected to do anything in exchange for something thus a treat can be used to motivate the pet to behave properly. However, if there are lapses, do not punish the dog but instead ignore its actions.

training a dog can be fun

Obedience Training Course

If your budget allows it, enrolling your dog in an actual obedience class can be advantageous. Aside from training the dogs, this sort of courses can also teach dog owners with the necessary skill to further train their dogs at home. A session may deal about giving the right commands or regulating the dog’s behavior. Sometimes, it takes an expert to unleash the animal’s potentials while maintaining control over the pet.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the vital key in training a dog to enable it to form good habits and behaviors. Regardless of how an owner consider its dog as smart or dumb, the best way to teach is by continuous repetition of commands or instructions in its confined and familiar area. Be consistent in giving the rules and avoid confusing the dog with mixed messages.

Socialization Skill

Dogs are social animals; thus, it is important to allow them to socialize with their own kind. Closely supervise your dog when you bring it outside. Taking the dog outside its familiar territory can help assess the progress of the dog training process. A properly trained dog can control itself from barking and fighting with other dogs or attacking humans. If a dog can be calmly walked with a leash on, it is the right time to bring it to different places to get it accustomed to various settings and levels of noise.

Whether you are training a young puppy or an adult dog, it is important to consider the basic dog training tips that experts provide to help dog owners who opt to train their pets by themselves. There may arguably some points that are difficult to execute, but the key is to build a strong bond with your dog and allow it to recognize you as the true leader of the pack.

One of the most important dog training tips is to establish who is in charge and who gives the command.

show your dog who is boss

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