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How To Work And Travel On Cruise Ships

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

At a time when the business sector saw the need to cut travel time, the demand for air travel significantly rose at the expense of the sea travel which dramatically dipped. This threat to sea travel was ingeniously used as a springboard for the cruise industry.

Job Opportunities on Board Cruise Ships

Today, cruising is among the fastest growing sector of tourism. It has developed to offer the riding public a vast array of experiences from fine dining on board luxury liners to rough adventure tourism on islands and remote beaches. Each year a huge number of cruise ships are launched requiring thousands of workers with a wide variety of skills to work and travel on cruise ships.

These modern cruise ships are fantastically luxurious; these are like floating leisure centers or resorts that offer every imaginable comfort, entertainment and pleasurable spots. The people who come here are ready to splurge money. Those who work and travel on cruise ships are not only compensated for the jobs they perform; they also stand to receive gratuities for services excellently rendered.

Finding a “Work and Travel” Dream Job

If you are young and want to explore the world without spending, but rather paying your way with a salary to boot; working and traveling on cruise ships is among the best opportunity there is. The first order of the day is hunting for a job on board a well-paying luxury sea liner; here are some tips to ponder upon:

  1. Apply to as many cruise liners as possible. This can provide you with leverage to negotiate for a better position as well as terms and conditions of employment. Get to know each company you apply for so you would know what you are getting into. Certain companies are noted for their fair practices or otherwise. Be sure that you do your assignment.
the oportunity to travel is a great perk
  1. When you gather information to prepare your application letters, get and confirm contact details of the department related to the job you are applying for. Find out if these companies have offices in your country so you need not apply to their foreign offices. This will entail some difficulty submitting and following up your application. Even with the Internet and other modern IT conveniences, it will still be easier to apply in your country of origin.
  2. When getting the contact details, go to the specifics. It is always best to apply to the person directly involved with the recruitment, screening and hiring. Use that name in your correspondence; it gives a sense of professionalism and reflects effort when you do this rather than make a “generic” letter of application.
  3. Since these companies are too busy, unsolicited phone calls to follow up job applications are likely to be regarded as a nuisance. Thus, it is important to address your application to the right authority. Further, it is important to be considerate when making the call to follow up your application; always think about the differences in the time zones.
  4. With the worldwide accessibility of the Internet, most cruise liners have their own websites where you can gather every information you may possibly need. These websites are frequently used by these companies to announce their needs for manpower or to find people who are interested to work and travel on cruise ships.
  5. If you are applying for a job related to the entertainment or social department, enclose a good-sized photo that can decently show off your pleasing physical attributes. Highlight your skills; the more skills you have the more likely that you can be hired for a job.

If you are in luck, your application is enough to land a work and travel job on a cruise ship. But when competition is tight, you may be summoned for an interview. Having a strong grasp of the English language is mandatory; having the skill to communicate fluently is an advantage and knowing another language is definitely a plus factor. In the end, whatever company you may end up with, enjoy the times when you work and travel on cruise ships. The experience is an amazing opportunity to savor another kind of experience.

Applying to many cruise liners gives you leverage to negotiate a better deal in terms of conditions of employment.

cruise ships are fun to work on

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