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How to Choose Topics for Writing Articles That Your Audience will Read

By Span Glers

Do you like your articles to matter? Serious writers do, but writers who just write for the money, do not necessarily feel that way. However, whether a writer is serious or not, finding topics for writing articles can make a writer bog down especially when one is expected to supply the keywords related to the niche being worked out. If a writer particularly cares about the traffic, “content is king.” Finding the right topics is critical of if you want your audience not only read but also love your articles.

How do you choose topics for writing articles that can attract readership? Here are some worthy writing suggestions that you can try:

• Google's Adwords. When it’s Google, expect the keywords to be top paying; there is actually little need to look elsewhere. If you are running out of time, the best way to determine most sought-after topics by Internet users is to use Google Adwords. This tool can provide you “keywords” that are very popular as determined by the Google search engine. Choose ones with lesser advertiser competition. This way, you know that it is well sought but competition among writers is still not as intense. Getting a good traffic is almost guaranteed. Google also keeps another tool to help you check out the advertiser competition.

• Know your target readership. Knowing the demographic profile of your audience helps you in your search of most suitable, relevant, and interesting topics for writing articles. This is among the most basic rule when writing relevant articles. Articles can only be relevant or worth reading for the target audience if the topics have use for them, if these are written with much noteworthy information and if this is unique or different from what everyone else is writing about in the Internet. With a quintillion content out there, that is a tough job. But, right approaches, tips and tactics help.

• Be knowledgeable of what’s "hot." You must stay abreast of what is in the news and what are the people in your niche are talking about. Subscribing or becoming a part of social forums and being active in the social media have their uses. These let you “listen” to what the members of the social communities are talking about. Writing a topic that relates to what everyone is talking about is like taking a small part of a big pie. You may not get a lion’s share of the readership, but it can still make you rank and be visible. Breaking through a very “hot” topic can even put you on the top of the Search Engine Ranked Pages (SERPs). That means traffic…traffic…traffic.

• Take off from other articles that are grabbing readership. It is nifty to make reference to other articles that are popular and getting attention. It can be the title or it can be the content. You need not plagiarize the article, but you can be inspired to write a related article that can focus on what the article failed to expound on. With limited number of words in an article, it easy to find an angle that has not received so much emphasis. Pick it up and focus on it.

• Never get tired of "How-to" articles. You must have been in this situation before: wanting to do something, but could not able to exactly figure out how. Therefore, what else do you do but do what every person in this generation does: look it up in the Internet. The Internet is bursting with “how-to” articles; it can absorb a little more. After all, there is a hungry horde of voracious readers out there. The world is full of it.

Using ordinary means, even copying ideas from others does not make you a cheater; just have the ingenuity to recycle by giving old topics new twists, fresh approaches, radical angles, and innovative applications. Finding original topics for writing articles that can successfully earn readership is not always easy, but it can be done.

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