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Tips to Write your Own Movie Reviews

Making movie reviews are very critically evaluated by bloggers, experts and well-known critics. Reviews are meant to assist viewers to know how good and bad the movie experience is. The reviews that are done by critics offer an insight that has an impact on many if not most movie goers. However, there are some people who write reviews on great movies in an amateurish way. If you have the talent to discern what makes good movies or bad movies then there are ways to start movie reviews on your own:scared movie viewers


Tips on How to Write your Own Movie Reviews


1. Begin by learning the basic movie terminologies used in movies, this is applicable when you write reviews on different movies you watched. Understanding the different terms are simple and preferably the first step to be a great critic on films. Listed below are some A-Z terminologies used in movies you must remember:


• Actor/Actresses

• Animation

• Background Music

• Blocking

• Cinematographer

• Clip

• Commentator

• Composition

• Cut

• Deep Focus

• Director

• Dubbing

• Editing

• Fade

• Fast Motion

• Jump Cut

• Lip Sync

• Location

• Perspective

• Producer

• Scenario

• Script

• Sequence

• Slow Motion

• Storyboard

• Tracking Shot

• Voice-Over

• Zoom Freeze


2. Prepare the essential materials needed in writing your own reviews about the movie such as the conventional way of writing tool, using pen and paper or the modern approach by utilizing your own laptop.


3. Watch the entire movie from title to credit that you are going to write reviews on. It is important that you do not miss any important facts regarding the film. Nowadays, films are being produced with extra clips in the end, so better take note of such thing as a person who is going to write criticism about the movie must view the entire movie.


4. After you finished watching, freshly start with your review from the movie by getting started with a good yet brief opening paragraph that talk about the movie in general. Base your reviews the way readers would like to read, make sure it can easily catch their attention. A very ideal way in writing a review is considering the reader as the audience, smoothly setting a tone is what most readers prefer.


5. After your opening statement, write essential information that verifies the movie such as the title of the movie, genre and a quick synopsis of the entire movie. The body of your movie review must consist of 1-2 paragraphs only. For starters having 3 and more paragraphs in your body can be a gamble, whether your review is too wordy or too boring to read. Describe the flow of the story and write each character that contributes to the story.


6. Finally evaluate the movie. Make sure to ignore your personal taste or preference on judging movies. Evaluate the movie strictly based on the plot and quality of the movie experience. Concentrate more on the acting, direction, special effects, sound effects and etc. In addition, insert an impression whether the movie is a must-watch movie, fair or a waste of time.


Writing movie reviews is a simple task for some; any person can actually do it. What is vital in writing your own reviews on the different movies is how to capture the interest of millions of readers out there. A connection between movie review writers and the readers is essential. It can greatly affect success or failure of the review created. So if you want to write your movie review and be heard, follow the tips discussed above.

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