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How to Become a Paramedic

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

When considering different career options, some people wonder “how to become a paramedic?” The job description of a paramedic entails helping people during emergency cases whether it is simple, chaotic, or even dangerous scenarios. They are highly trained to endure different situations during or after emergency protocols. In line with the job description, they are medical professionals that are considered as the first line of defense to help patients by conducting basic to complex medical treatments prior to hospital settings.

Becoming certified paramedics does not only mean having a stable job. A person who wants to become a paramedic must be able to have caring and compassion nature to find the job of saving lives a great fulfilling mission and vocation.

So what steps must you pursue to become a paramedic?

  1. Undergo the basic training in accordance with Emergency Medical Training (EMT), which is the first requirement to become a paramedic. EMT allows a person to learn and develop basic skills such as administering drugs, giving oxygenation, taking vital signs and more. Every state requires a paramedic to pass the EMT first before progressing to the next level. The basic training is the foundation to gaining the essential skills in becoming an effective paramedic especially during life-threatening situations.
  2. Take and pass the examination regarding EMT such as certified CPR, EMT-basic, and EMT certification. This written examination tests a paramedic trainee if one already has the basic skills and knowledge of procedures critical in an emergency scenario. It also determines one’s preparedness to move up the training ladder to proceed to the course of becoming a paramedic.
good paramedics save lives
  1. Proceed to EMT and pass the program. Emergency medical training or the intermediate is the second stage before becoming a certified paramedic. This stage helps trainees to advance from basic into complex medical techniques needed during emergencies. In addition, EMT-intermediate also requires students to allocate a specific amount of time to work in the field. This is considered as a basis if the student will pass the program. Keep in mind that there are also written exams that need to be passed to obtain certification and move forward on the next stage which is the serious course of paramedics.
  2. Paramedic Science Course is generally taken from schools or community colleges that offer courses for paramedics. Normally, the knowledge and skills learned from previous EMT courses are very handy in line with the paramedic course. Just like the other courses, paramedics are also required to learn basic subjects regarding basic Mathematics, English and such. These are the requirements in passing the paramedics course. Advanced human anatomy and physiology are additional courses that must be tackled and passed. This course also covers the in-depth topics about the proper procedure and responsibilities of the different programs such as advanced cardiac support, advanced pre-traumatic care, advanced life-support and many more.
  3. Once the trainings have been completed, one must seriously pass the paramedic exam. This kind of exam can help individuals to fulfill their dream to cruise down the road as a paramedic. Although, the paramedic exam is designed to be extremely hard, focus and determination while attending the different review centers or programs can be a big help to become a certified paramedic.
  4. After passing the licensing examinations to be certified paramedic, the next thing to do is to find and apply to the different hospitals, companies or emergency response teams to keep the skills and knowledge learned as fresh as possible.

Being a paramedic is said to be a rewarding profession to pursue. Therefore, if you are caring and compassionate then perhaps you should consider the possibility of becoming a paramedic.

EMT allows a person to learn and develop basic skills such as administering drugs, giving oxygenation, taking vital signs and more.

medicine is vital

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