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How to Keep Your Inbox Spam-Free

Spam messages can be very annoying. It surely seems the more you try to get rid of them, the more you receive them on your inbox.

Such messages can be a waste of your time. In addition, clicking an included link or opening an attachment can lead to undesirable consequences. There are malicious messages that are sent with the intention of bringing virus to your computer or retrieving some of your personal data. This could later cause computer failure and many other problems.

Learning effective techniques about how you can fight spam can help you stay protected from possible harm.

For instance, you should pay attention to the name used by the sender. Is it familiar to you? Does it claim to be sent by a legitimate company? The answer to these questions will be crucial towards identifying whether an email is a spam or not.

Several reports indicate that the majority of spam e-mails are sent around 12 am to 4 am. This means checking the time when the message was sent is equally important. The file size is another sign since most spam are around 3 KB. On top of that, check if the message entices you to click a link made up with random letters. Never make the mistake of clicking it if you aim to avoid the trap.

Instead of simply deleting these messages, it is actually better to forward it to [email protected] The Federal Trade Commission does spam investigations and they charge offenders for up to $500 per message once they are caught.

To prevent getting spammed in the first place, your safest solution is to avoid posting your e-mail address on public places. Researches assert that a huge percentage of those who get junk messages are those who display their e-mail addresses on public forums and websites. The same can be said when entering your contact information on different sources whenever you download material over the internet.

Another possible solution is to take advantage of spam blocking tools. Major e-mail service providers offer these to their users but in case yours doesn’t have any, then be assured that you can always download one.

Checking the message and then clicking the spam button forwards it to your provider. The company’s assigned staff members will make it a point to improve their spam filtering efforts as you inform them of such messages. MS Outlook users, on the other hand, could utilize plug-ins such as SpamReader and SpamAid.

No matter what happens, never ever make the error of responding to a spam message. Do not bother requesting them to remove you from their list. Doing so will only confirm to the senders that they have reached a valid address. You bet you will receive more of these messages in the days to come.

Many experienced e-mail users will actually recommend that you use in case you really have to include an email address. This great tool provides free disposable e-mail addresses for interested individuals who want to learn how to fight spam. Whether you will be using it for blog commenting, signing up for a forum, or social media activity, this service will ensure that the inbox of your personal e-mail remains clutter-free.

For more ideas about how you can fight spam, check out relevant websites where online experts share tips. Keeping your inbox free from spam messages definitely requires some work but it will surely be worth it. By taking preventive actions, you will be able to minimize the problem greatly and you wouldn’t have to delete junk mails over and over again!

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