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How to Learn Krav Maga the Right Way

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If you want to learn self-defense to help you survive tough situations you may encounter on a daily basis, learn Krav Maga because it uses the most practical and effective methods available. There are no artsy moves, nothing fancy, only pure natural body movements that are realistically applicable to various dangerous situations like thugs pointing a knife up your throat, for example.

The History of Krav Maga

A Hungarian-Israeli martial arts expert named Imi Lichtenfeld found this unique defense system dating back the Nazis’ regime. He was very good at both wrestling and boxing, found a way to improve these skills, and later fused them to what is now known as Krav Maga. During the 1930s, he taught this to the Jewish military and even the public in order to defend themselves against the Nazi soldiers. In the 1940s, Imi fled and relocated to Israel where he began to teach this combat method. The Israeli Defense forces later adopted his techniques in their hand-to-hand combat encounters during the war. Over the years, Krav Maga has been revised to better serve the military forces around the world and was even incorporated in such martial arts including, Jujitsu, Karate, and even Wrestling.

Learning Krav Maga

One good thing about it is that you can learn Krav Maga in a day or two if you’re willing to pay attention and remember all the basic moves being taught by your master. Once you do, you can now deal with attacks quickly and effectively. This is one of the main reasons why this has been incorporated in military and police defense operations.

If you are serious to learn Krav Maga the right way, then you must take a course with an exact duration of how long the training will last. Some people get good at it even within a short period. Others continue intensively for a couple of weeks, even months until they have perfected the skill. It really depends on your preference as well as what your instructor recommends for you. You may be looking for many traditional martial arts moves, but you will not find these in Krav Maga. As mentioned previously, this is because it deals with hand-to-hand street combat during violent encounters. However, all the knowledge in the world will do you no good if you are not physically fit to do all the moves.

The Essential Elements of Krav Maga

When you become an expert, you will be able to perform all the moves without any hesitation. You can even do it without thinking, as if everything is done using only your reflexes. You will be taught grappling, striking, wrestling, and other techniques necessary to survive in a combat situation. There will be a lot punches, striking using your knees and elbows and when extremely necessary, hard hitting kicks.

Who is the Perfect Person to Learn and Master Krav Maga?

Gender, age, height, and weight are not an issue for people who want to master these skills. All it takes is discipline and sheer will. If you are brave enough, you will muster all the confidence needed to defend yourself against guns, knives, M-16, and other deadly weapons. You just need to think fast and act briskly./p>

These days, you can never be too careful especially if you have loved-ones to protect. Krav Maga is great way to protect yourself from these unwanted elements by keeping you physically fit, mentally active and psychologically prepared to fend off any kind of weapon and use the effective counter attacks that you can only learn through Krav Maga.

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